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Hey everyone, I’m James Wang from HashQuark.
HashQuark is the world’s leading Web3 infrastructure service provider. We support classic staking services for most of the mainstream public chains including Cosmos, Persistence, NYX, Rizon, SecretNetwork, Juno, Evmos, Sommelier, XPLA, Akash, and Band. In addition to this, we also run validators for other PoS blockchains such as Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and Polkadot, and provide compliant liquid staking services.

As a core DeFi player, dYdX is building an open platform to empower traders with powerful, transparent, fair and advanced financial products. It’s exciting to hear that dYdX v4 will be developed as a standalone blockchain based on Tendermint consensus and built using Cosmos SDK!

We would love to participate as a validator on dYdX v4 and hope to join and contribute to the dYdX community!


I’m James from HashQuark, a premier Web3 infrastructure service provider. We’re a subsidiary of Hashkey— the very first investor of Ethereum in Asia. HashQuark have established ourselves as key validators for high-profile PoS blockchains such as Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and Solana. In fact, we currently run 15,000+ ETH 2.0 validators, a testament to our scale and commitment to the blockchain ecosystem. We are also proud to support a vast range of Comos eco-project, offering premier staking services for Cosmos, Persistence, NYX, Rizon, Secret and several others.

As a ardent supporter of DeFi, and we’re excited about dYdX’s commitment to create an open platform that empowers traders with fair, transparent, and avant-garde financial products. The announcement that dYdX v4 is on track to be developed as a standalone blockchain, leveraging Tendermint consensus and built using Cosmos SDK, is truly exhilarating!

We’re eager to contribute to this innovative journey as a validator for dYdX v4 and are looking forward to collaborating with and contributing to the dynamic dYdX community. Let’s shape the future of Web3 together!

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Hi James (@HashQuark),

Appreciate you posting your profile! It’d be helpful if you could fill in your details and answer the relevant questions listed in the Validator Introduction Framework.

Please note that using the above intro format is encouraged but optional. We view this as an effective way for community members to evaluate the potential validators of dYdX v4 using a consistent, standardized framework. Many thanks!