Validator Introduction -

Entity name and location is a leading proof-of-stake node operator with a track record of securing over 40 blockchains across various ecosystems, including Cosmos, Ethereum, and Sui. With a staggering $100M of assets staked on our nodes, we have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable entity in the industry.

With a substantial global customer base exceeding 100,000, we are steadfast in our commitment to delivering excellent professional services. Our team specializes in Data Engineering and plays an important role in providing reliable infrastructure, including RPC, to a significant portion of the Cosmos Ecosystem.

Infrastructure location

In our commitment to ensuring high availability and security for our infrastructure, we have strategically chosen to work with several separated tier 3 providers, each operating in distinct zones, spanning Europe, North America and Asia. This meticulous approach not only enhances our system’s redundancy and fault tolerance but also bolsters our global presence, allowing us to efficiently serve our users across diverse geographical regions while minimizing the risk of service disruptions.

What kind of hardware do you run? Baremetal, cloud-based…? In what geographic regions?

We’ve adopted a hybrid model, incorporating both bare metal and cloud hosting across Europe and Asia. This approach leverages bare metal’s raw power for latency-sensitive tasks and the cloud’s scalability for dynamic workloads, ensuring redundancy, fault tolerance, and a seamless user experience while mitigating regional disruptions.

Technical make-up of the team (elaborate on no. of dev ops engineers, experience, etc.)

To provide the best services and a permanent uptime Imperator’s team is composed of data engineers, DevOps, full-stack developers.

  • Dilan asatekin : Founder & Data Engineer -
  • Ibrar Arif : Co-founder & DevOps Engineer
  • Vuong Tran : Senior DevOps Engineer
  • Abdellatif Alahyane : Software Engineer
  • Loris Chessa : Lead Strategy & Growth

Years of experience has gained significant expertise with three years of hands-on experience in their field. Their proven track record reflects a commitment to continuous learning and a strong ability to tackle complex challenges effectively, making them a valuable partner to any project or team.

What other networks are you running validators for?

The Imperator team has established a remarkable presence and an extensive footprint in the world of blockchain technology, actively participating in the management, development, and innovation of more than 40 blockchain networks.

Based on your participation in any previous testnets, mainnets, are there any best practices to be aware of? What are some things that made previous testnets, mainnet launches successful and/or things to avoid that have gone poorly?

Best Practices:

  • Community Engagement: Actively involve the community, developers and contributors in the testing phases to gather diverse insights, feedback, and to foster a sense of collective ownership and responsibility.
  • Clear Communication: Maintain transparent and regular communication with all stakeholders regarding updates, changes, and potential issues, establishing trust and managing expectations effectively.
  • Documentation: Provide detailed and clear documentation to aid all users, developers, and participants in understanding the functionalities, protocols, and any innovations introduced.

Lessons Learned – Things to Avoid:

  • Lack of Clarity and Transparency: Unclear communication and lack of transparency have led to misunderstandings, frustrations, and loss of community confidence
  • Ignoring Community Feedback: Overlooking the inputs and concerns of the community and stakeholders has often resulted in suboptimal decision-making and unresolved issues.

Do you have a validator voting framework and process?

The process is primarily consensus-driven, and decisions are arrived at meticulously through a multi-stage deliberation procedure. The framework is designed to incorporate diverse insights and to facilitate informed decision-making.

Initially, any pressing matters or potential voting scenarios are thoroughly discussed amongst the founding members of our organization. This is to ensure that we consider a variety of perspectives and have a comprehensive understanding of the matter at hand.

When decisions are particularly challenging, the deliberation is extended to incorporate the insights and opinions of the rest of our core team. This is a crucial step in our decision-making process, allowing us to benefit from a broader range of expertise and experiences. The collective intelligence of our team is invaluable in addressing complex issues and making decisions that align with our organizational values, objectives, and the interests of our stakeholders.

Are you planning to play any additional roles in the dYdX ecosystem (e.g. market maker, trader, indexer, front-end, other)?

We are honored to be selected as the entrusted team responsible for maintaining the dYdX indexer infrastructure. In addition to ensuring the continued stability and reliability of the indexer, we have an ambitious roadmap that includes deploying comprehensive tools as data dashboard and intuitive front-end data interfaces. Our vision is to provide users with not only a seamless experience but also valuable insights into dYdX’s performance and market data, reinforcing our commitment to transparency and innovation within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Are there other products or services you want to highlight that could be relevant for dYdX?


Our team provides relaying services to 18 Cosmos chains. The different chains that we help are: Cosmos Hub, Evmos, Osmosis, Terra 2.0, Axelar, Juno, Injective, Crescent, Kujira, Sommelier, Medibloc, Persistence, Akash, Stride, Ki, Comdex, Lum.

RPC provider:

We provide enterprise-grade (at least 2 nodes + load balancer for each chain we support) RPCs for all chains we’re operating including Cosmos, Injective Sei, Stride, Axelar & more.

We provide Axelar robust and resilient endpoints for their main applications including that has a total of more than 2M requests per day. The endpoints we provide allow the whole ecosystem to benefit from a high quality bridge and makes it easier to attract people for a Cosmos global adoption.


Leveraging our robust infrastructure and expertise as validators, we provide white-label solutions tailored for customers who may lack technical skills. This service empowers institutions and their clients to seamlessly integrate our validated blockchain solutions into their platforms & services.

Community & marketing:

We offer an extensive array of marketing and community-focused services. From conducting insightful interviews and crafting informative tutorials to creating user-friendly staking guides, curating engaging newsletters, and providing timely updates, our team is dedicated to enhancing the project’s visibility and engagement. What sets us apart is our ability to leverage our vibrant community to not only promote your project but also offer invaluable support. By fostering strong connections and collaboration within our network, we amplify your project’s potential.


We write blockchain research, where we dive deep into this revolutionary technology. We provide clear and insightful information, helping both newcomers and industry experts stay informed about the latest developments and trends in the blockchain ecosystem.


Our team of experts includes specialists in tokenomics, marketing, strategy, infrastructure, and more. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the Cosmos ecosystem and the blockchain industry, we are uniquely positioned to provide tailored advice that helps the projects we support achieve their goals.


Our mission is to identify and support ambitious entrepreneurs who are pushing the boundaries of technology, with a focus on the Cosmos ecosystem. We employ a long-term and flexible investment approach, providing capital, strategic guidance, and support to drive ecosystem growth

Any notable contributions in other ecosystems that you would like to highlight for the community? provides all data related to Osmosis, the liquidity Hub of the Cosmos ecosystem. This website includes the total liquidity on the DEX, the total volume, token prices, the list of all the different pools as well as the APR related to each, IBC status between Osmosis and the other connected chains, users staking and LPs rewards. Also “Transactions” and “Trades” features which are explorers that display ecosystem data


Our team also provides ecosystem data mainly from Osmosis through our API Prod - Osmosis Blockchain Data - Swagger UI. This API is not only used by retail, but it is also used by VCs as well as other relevant entities such as CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap and Token terminal to display prices and other metrics on their websites. These data are seen by millions of users.