Validator Introduction - Informal Systems


Matt here Informal Systems Validator. We operate bare metal servers run out of multiple secure data centers in Canada. Our team is made up of myself as the community/business manager, four infrastructure engineers and the support of 40+ other engineers at informal systems in delivering audits, public goods and products to the wider cosmos ecosystem. We have one of the most experienced validation teams, with our first blocks dating back to the genesis of Cosmos Hub. We currently run validators on Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, Juno, Regen, Akash, Nomic, Tgrade, Injective, Coreum, Impact Hub, Cheqd, Agoric, Axelar, Evmos, Medibloc, Quicksilver, Stride and Persistence. We believe in being active in governance, we like to engage in proposal forums prior to voting to gauge community and validator support for each proposal. We try to come to a consensus within our team about which way we vote and do our best to avoid abstaining. We are already active within the dYdx ecosystem, providing audits and validator feedback during private testnet. Other ways that Informal Systems contributes is through public goods such as Comet, building and operating the Hermes CLI, the development of IBC and building an ecosystem-wide security incident response process. We have also been a reliable relayer for networks such as Osmosis. We are excited for the mainnet launch of dYdx and are eager to find other ways that our experienced team can contribute!