Validator Introduction - Interbloc

Who is Interbloc?

We are a bare metal validator in cosmos. Bare metal means that we own the hardware we validate on and the node won’t be in a data center with other cloud-based validators. Our nodes are located in each coast of the US and in Germany.

We are composed of system engineers, developers and marketing, all of us with several years of experience in crypto and specializing in PoS chains. The chains we currently run validators on are:

  1. Osmosis
  2. Stargaze
  3. Evmos
  4. Nomic
  5. Stride
  6. Mars Protocol
  7. Gravity Bridge
  8. Juno
  9. Temporal
  10. And many others

Regarding testnets/mainets, our advice is having frequent and immediate communication channels with the validator set to coordinate upgrades, communicate issues or any type of configuration issues that might arise.

We are frequent community contributors and participate in governance very actively. Our delegators have a dedicated discord server, and we communicate with them there to understand their vision for the chain. We try to work as a representative of our delegators in governance matters and look to have the best interest of them and the chain when deciding on proposals.

Some of our members are traders in the dYdX platform and enjoy the competitive nature of the leagues so hopefully we’ll see some of our delegators and other community members climbing those leaderboards.

Besides validation we offer relaying services, high performance RPC endpoints and also have a joint venture called Interchain Support Group that provides community moderation services 24/7.

We are one of the most active validators on governance in Stride, Stargaze, Osmosis and Gravity Bridge and also provide two crucial services to protect cosmos users:

Cosmoshield - a recovery service for compromised wallets that has secured over a $1 million in user funds. Interbloc also runs Dashboard | Cosmoshield which integrates with wallets like keplr and others to blacklist scam sites and alert users when they are tricked into navigating to them.

We will gladly validate the chain when it goes live later this year and can’t wait for dydx on Cosmos.