Validator Introduction - Interstellar Lounge

Better late than never so here goes~

Introduction to Interstellar Lounge

Interstellar ( is a blockchain-focused company based in Singapore, specializing in investment, DeFi, and infrastructure services. We recently moved our validator node for dYdX to Japan to enhance its performance.

Hardware and Infrastructure

On the software size we utilize the Kubernetes container orchestration system while on the hardware size we use a mix of cloud and on-prem baremetal servers that are strategically located across multiple cloud providers. This setup helps us maintain high availability and low latency for our blockchain operations. All servers are locked down with ports closed and we never ssh directly into our servers and mess with binary and dependencies. All nodes run a secure container image built from the code repo ground up.

Technical Team Composition

We have an average of over 8 years of experience in blockchain technology and network security. Our team’s focus is on ensuring the robustness and scalability of our validator nodes.

Validator Networks and Experience

Interstellar operates validator nodes on several blockchain networks, including Ethereum, and many other Cosmos chains. We continue to participate in multiple testnets and mainnet launches.

Notable Contributions

We run public RPC data nodes (, and try our best to proactively help out in discord/slack discussions during upgrade times.