Validator Introduction - [NODERS]TEAM

We are a seasoned team of IT professionals specializing in validation and development, with over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. Currently, we are committed to building a comprehensive staking ecosystem, with the launch of our main platform set for Q4 2023. Total staked volume to $120 million. We consistently add a new network every couple of weeks, demonstrating our growth and adaptability. Our services extend to various areas such as running nodes, cybersecurity, web development, and more.

Our Team:
Comprising 8 decentralized members from around the world, our team includes the CEO, Cybersecurity Engineer, 2 DevOps, 3 Full-stack Developers, and an Intelligence Researcher.

Community and Influence:
We manage a thriving community on Telegram with 2000+ blockchain enthusiasts.
We have also formed an Influencer’s DAO consisting of opinion leaders globally, with over 800+K subscribers.

Technical Expertise:
Node and Validator Management: 2 years of experience running nodes and validating various blockchain projects. Our system features top-notch hardware, a unique 24/7 monitoring system, and high-level cybersecurity.

Hosting and Monitoring: Our nodes are hosted on trusted platforms like Amazon, Google, Oracle, Vultr, and Hetzner, among our own facilities in Austria, Greece, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan. We use sophisticated tools like Prometheus, Grafana, and ELK Stack for analytics and monitoring.

Security Measures: Implementing best practices to protect against hacker attacks, including Multi-factor authentication (MFA), vaults, and regular audits.

Mainnets: Currently validating 37 blockchains like Sui, Solana, NYM, Umee, Gravity Bridge, etc.

Services and Contributions:
Development: Skilled in Web3 development using languages like Python, Go, Rust, NodeJS, etc., and specializing in cryptography and cybersecurity.

Automation and Support: Offering self-developed scripts for automating testnet-related tasks and supporting validators and node runners.

Consultation: Advising projects on conducting testnets smoothly and efficiently. Some of our organized testnets include IslamicCoin (HAQQ), DeFund, Empower, Eywa, etc.

Marketing Tools: Structuring and conducting ambassador programs and stress-tests to assist in marketing and code optimization.

Contact Us:

By aligning with our values, vision, and technical know-how, we believe we can contribute positively to your project and the broader crypto community. We would love to connect and discuss potential collaboration and all the possible ways that we could help your project grow.