Validator Introduction - Paranormal Bros

Hello! Paranormal Bros. here.
We are validator and monitoring tools developer for Cosmos ecosystem chains.

Entity name & Location:
Paranormal Bros., team located in few countries across Europe

Infrastructure location:
France, Germany, Finland, Russia, India

Type of hardware & region:
Bare metal. Validator nodes usually in France and Germany. Backups and relayers are around the world.

Technical make-up of team:
Two DevOps engineers, Apps coder, designer.

Years of experience:
Validating since 2021, all team members are 10+ years in IT projects.

Other networks:
Persistence, Comdex, BitCanna, AssetMantle, Haqq, and many testnets.

Best Practices:

  1. Validators side: use robust monitoring and alerting to always keep fingers on the pulse. Don’t trust automation too much, perform the most important actions manually or under control.
  2. Team side: create few communication channels (not only Discord) with validators to be able to interact fast and to spread information more focused.

Voting Framework:
Decisions are made based on the balance of the community needs and the team vision. We study the interests of both parties in detail and make decisions that have a positive impact on the project evolution.

Additional roles:
Technical support by relayers, endpoints, snapshots, etc.

Other products or services:
We will implement all our monitoring platforms for dYdX.