Validator Introduction - The Silver Fox

Hello dydx team and fellow validators! I am Erialos(Jonathan) and I run The Silver Fox validators.

We are located in the state of Utah in the United States. We own our server and host from home.

  • 2x e5-2699 v3 CPUs
  • 192GB ECC Ram
  • 1x 1Tb NVME U.2 drive for OS
  • 4x 2Tb NVME U.2 drives for validators
  • APC UPS + dual PSU’s
  • 1GB fiber + APC UPS backup

Our webserver is hosted on Linode. This serves our website which also contains the Unbonding Chart Statistics we offer for the chains we validate for right now. (Looking for grants to help me get this on a bigger machine with a database so I can do more chains). The Silver Fox

I come from an IT background with 10+ years in the field as a Systems and Network Administrator. When I stopped working in IT, I started going to university for a Math and Physics degree. Math tends to be more of a ‘specialty’ for me.
Slackware Linux was my first distro and is where I learned to use and operate a linux os.
I once operated a BBS during my teenage years.

We validate for Aura, Beezee, Bitcanna, Jackal, Stargaze, Teritori, Vidulum as well as testnets for Bitcanna and Elys.

Regarding mainnet launches, I think the biggest key is having the product ready for use at launch. I think users are much more likely to lose more interest quickly when something new and exciting comes out but has no way for them to interact within it/on it/etc…

We’ve made several contributions within the other communities we validate for. Notably two of them are:

  • Helping Jackal’s team with their official archive RPC/API node + exploring GRPC servicing
  • DefiLlama adapter created for Stargaze

Currently I am working on learning JS/TS and have plans to learn Rust next so I can develop better unbonding charts, more blockchain statistics and get to building the PPE game and explorer I’ve planned out.