Validator introduction - Tourou

Hello, こんにちは!
I am Tourou from Japan. I was invited here at the recommendation of Leomaru-san (thank you very much) and am now writing.
I have several subordinates and supporters who are engineers, but I am not an engineer myself, so I will skip this question regarding the technical questions that were in the default question. If you are interested, please reply in this thread or text me on telegram (@Tourou) or twitter(@TourouJPN) and I will consult with my team to answer your question.

I am founder of the team includes marketing, translating/localizing, community/social media managing, writing, researching, business developing, investing, listing supporting, influencer marketing, voice acting/casting, song-writing team . And we have Japanese, English, Chinese, Persian speakers.

And also founder of global crypto community called Crypto Hiroba from Japan that has own economics.

I founded this community 2months ago with my team members, and each SocialFi platform has already shown that this community is one of the most active communities in Japan.
Reference from MetaX: MetaX | Social-Mining Protocol

  • Name:

  • Location:
    Tokyo, Japan

  • Technical make-up of team:
    one dev and one server manager and many community dev supporters

  • Years of experience:
    Tourou - 15years as trader, 6 years in crypto industry with approx 150 projects
    Hiroba - 2months

  • Are you planning to play any additional roles in the dYdX ecosystem (e.g. market maker, trader, indexer, front-end, other)?:
    At least, already I am a trader and affiliater on dYdX.
    Actually, I’m about to win a trade competition I’m hosting at the moment if I keep it up.

  • And we developed Japanese Influncers in the last year for expanding market of dYdX in Japan.
    And it was fortunately or unfortunately myself who was able to produce the most inviting results.

  • Are there other products or services you want to highlight that could be relevant for dYdX?:
    We are providing free AMA with an interpreter(Japanese/Chinese/Enlgish are available) with incentives. (We did dYdX AMA with Leomaru-san in April.)

  • Any notable contributions in other ecosystems that you would like to highlight for the community?:
    We have helped TokenPocket become the second most popular wallet app in Japan after Metamask in the short term, joined Secret Network and running Secret Network Japan, and some dapps recorded the highest number of accesses from Japan in the world.
    Localized various platforms such as Dodo, MEXC, Gateio…etc
    Also work as an influencer with my community. I supported BTCEX promotion in this 1 month and recorded 10million USD trading volume from my invitees. Also we are recording big trading volumes on MEXC, Bitget, Binance…etc
    We supported many web3 projects and companies around the world.

Thank you!

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