A New Blueprint for dYdX Grant Applications and Communications

This post outlines a proposed template for v1.5 grant applications to be submitted on Discourse. The objective is to foster transparency, accountability, and community engagement in the application and communication processes. It will allow the dYdX community to evaluate the performance and professionalism of both grantors and grantees, thereby informing future elections for these roles.

Applicant Information

  • Name*
  • Email Address*
  • Primary Contact (if applying as a team or company)
  • Additional Links (Website, GitHub, Twitter, etc.)

Grant Proposal

  • Grant Name*
  • Grant Description*
  • Grant Category*
  • Grant Goals*

Project Implementation

  • Milestones (if applicable)
  • Grant Timeline*
  • Funding Request*
  • Budget Breakdown*

Additional Information

  • US Residency Status*
  • Other relevant information
  • Referral (if applicable)
  • Community Cauldron (Indicate if this is a fast-track initiative)

Note: Fields marked with an asterisk () are mandatory.*

Community Polls

  • Do you think this application should be approved? Yes/No
  • Do you think the requested funding is correct? Yes/Undervalued/Overvalued/Very Undervalued/Very Overvalued