A realistic apprasal of whomever is in charge progress over past few months

There has been no/negative growing in daily trading volume and trading fees, dispite whatever bogus programs the treasury managers have come up with requiring the sale of however millions of DYDX for the allegedly great idea.

none of the things that have implemented dispite MILLIONS in DYDX sold and paid to them have had any effect on growing the platform. Plain and simple

Obviously in the meantime they have decimated the price of DYDX dispite the huge run from BTC and ETH SOL etc off of lows. seems crystal clear the treasury of DYDX is simply here to pay a group of overpaid managers for there unsuccessful ideas.

I have an idea and that is to pay for a set of twitter ads promoting DYDX as a place to trade crypto in countries that qualify obviously. if users that have ever used a crypto “cashtag” ie $DYDX $ETH $BTC if they have ever made a tweet or are searching for a tweet containing $ETH for instance they should get an add for DYDX on this screen. of course this is an additional payment to twitter but it might actually see some return.

we should well no one really has time to do this but sometime we should put together a list of the names and faces and $ paid to the various community managers just to see how bad they have actaully been. huge huge fumble on this crypto ETF rebirth here you could have gotten all these trading fees and numbers without paying any of the managers or running any of the 'trading porgrams" (tho i like those)

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Yea marketing is the key for success. There is definitely HUGE potential.

I like that idea.
Or just pay some big names in Crypto $$$ for promo on twitter/X whatsoever​:+1:t3::+1:t3:

If we don’t want to become polkadot, and don’t want the dydx token to become a stablecoin in q3, I think it’s better to spend any such budget on community development. Better promote organic growth. No one can buy real love with money


Would you mind to elaborate on your organic growth ideas?
The „real love“ comes from using a good product tho. In the first place ppl need to hear about dydx and it’s benefits. Publicity. Spread the word to as many ppl as possible. Some will try it and stay because of its quality. That’s how I ended up here after reading about it from a trading account / altcoin shiller on twitter :joy:

You can rest assured that half the community would agree with you. The cartel has done well milking the treasury for themselves. And everyone knows it. People’s self interests ahead of the product. Other DEX’s are showing how it’s done though. GIve them a go. You will be pleasantly surprised with how they are run.