Community not being updated


I have noticed a pattern, in which important videos that relate to community updates and events are not being uploaded or are uploaded very late.

For example, the latest Community Town Hall. It took place over a week ago and a recording of the event has not been uploaded or shared with the dYdX community. The only thing that has been “officially” shared is a two minute snippet which can be found here:

This event allegedly included important updates from the Foundation, dYdX Trading, dYdX Operations etc., including:

  • Strategic update of the #Foundation
  • Update from #Engineering
  • dYdX Ops
  • Community & DAO Planning
  • V4 Vanguard

The participation in these livestream events is extremely low, as we are a global community and not everyone can attend the time specified. This is another reason why it is crucial to have the entire video uploaded as soon as possible, so that everyone can be on the same page with what is happening in the ecosystem.

The fact that we delay and only selectively “share” parts of the town hall, seems as though we are filtering information. This goes against both dYdX Trading and the Foundation’s values:

" Decentralize through transparency

We believe that in order to decentralize ownership, decision making, and execution we must empower our teammates and the community with knowledge. We default to sharing as openly as we can, and prioritize clear and concise communication. We are honest and prioritize speaking plainly over sugar coating our messaging."

I have opened this topic since this has become a reoccurring issue, the same thing has happened in the first townhall, in which a video was shared only weeks after the event. On top of that, the town hall videos are not even uploaded on the Foundation’s official YouTube channel, which seems to be intentional:

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Hey Atticus, I’m Tristan from Marketing at the dYdX Foundation.

Hear your points above, a few notes to be aware of;

  • We follow strict compliance guidelines for marketing that need to be adhered to. Typically this means we need to review and double review anything that goes out, this can cause delays.
  • Video editing isn’t a quick process in general, video’s take longer to edit.
  • We don’t delay or selectively share content, we share the full video and important aspects of the Town Hall in sequence, noted for future town halls the full video will be priority to share first.
  • All Community Town Hall’s are available on our Twitter, Discord or Youtube. Youtube houses all videos with easy access to viewing
  • dYdX DAO - Community Town Hall - YouTube

Thankyou for the feedback, we’ll continue to evolve the promotion of community Town Halls. For future town halls we’ll rotate the timings to cater to people from different timezones.