Community Poll: Which Tokens Should We Add in dYdX v4?

Hello dYdX Community,

With the launch of dYdX v4 on the horizon, it’s time for us to collectively start to decide on the new tokens we’d like to include. Due to the forum’s constraints, I’ve created a poll featuring 20 tokens with the highest market cap, which aren’t currently listed on v3. Please note, tokens from competing exchanges, like BNB, have been intentionally left out. DYDX has also been excluded.

We invite you to participate in the poll and select five tokens you’re most eager to see on dYdX v4. We value your opinions and also encourage you to suggest other tokens in the comments section. Please provide your reasons as well, explaining why these would be beneficial to include.

The poll results, along with your suggestions and comments, could form the basis of a proposal for the inclusion of these tokens as soon as mainnet goes live.

  • XRP
  • TON
  • SHIB
  • LEO
  • HBAR
  • LDO
  • APT
  • ARB
  • CRO
  • VET
  • QNT
  • GRT
  • OP
  • EGLD
  • STX
  • SAND
  • IMX
  • APE
  • MANA
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As an active trader, i’d like to see all of these tokens actually :star_struck: It’ll be great to see the update of dydx

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Would be looking forward to seeing all

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Would love to see any of those tokens i vote for in the mainnet hopefully

Somewhat a separate discussion from what’s being done here, but is there any appetite for the inclusion of Cosmos assets as part of v4?

Cosmos perps markets are relatively young and illiquid, but Cosmos traders are hungry for places to trade. This seems like a great opportunity to make a significant impact in those markets and capture volume from within Cosmos.