Community thoughts on synthetic futures markets i.e. ES CL GC

Hello everyone,

I am a new member to the forums so I was wondering, and I will continue to look myself, what the status or community thoughts and feelings were to attempt to offer or at least field proposals for something like a synthetic ES or CL (SP500 and Crude Oil) futures market respectively. these are pretty large markets that trade almost 24/7 as it is. and I think would be interesting to test their tradeable in this fashion and to see what the volume etc would be.

What are the cons against field such instruments and does DYDX have any current plans to offer such a product. IMO something like a ES or a CL would be much more successful to attempt to synthesize than just a single stock like AAPL or TSLA at present time. but I know little about this.

any thoughts from community members on this subject would be appreciated.


I think it is a massively untapped market in general at this stage in crypto.

There might be some examples, but it is not widely used and / or adopted as far as I know.

I think things like RWAs and raw materials are items which are quite interesting to have on chain.

extremely interesting things. seems like they have a chance to be alot more successful than some of these illiquid meme coins. Lithium would be interesting as would kind of beat the CME to it, but theres probably not a ton of liquidity there. still think CL or even a synthetic chinese oil quotes or saudi oil price quote whatever there tickers are may be an interesting way to try and keep the SEC off the back.

but IMO trying a synthetic instrument is alot better direction to take than these failed lists which are now getting delisted which is nice to see. It was still a huge fail to try and expand so rapidly like that. so many millions of treasury dollars pissed away and DYDX diluted.

anyone who is interested in spearheading a synthetic crude oil or anything synthetic let me know.

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We think this is a very interesting vision to pursue and we can hardly imagine a future for dydx without such offerings from the traditional market. The only issue that arise is the problem to source settlement liquidity. To follow current dYdX standard it would require to connect to multiple liquidity providers for the asset. To this day, the major liquidity sources for dYdX assets have been crypto centralized exchanges. We may have to wait until they open the trading for SP500 and other trad-fi assets before we have a chance to list them as well in dYdX. Or maybe in a not so distant future we will be able to have settlement functionalities directly with official market places like the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), which is by far the largest US derivative market place for these assets like the SP500 futures.