Core Values and Priorities | dYdX Operations subDAO 2024

We recently refined our values and outlined strategic priorities for 2024, emphasizing a steadfast commitment to the community and the advancement of the dYdX Chain.

Here’s a detailed structure reflecting the updated focus:

Core Values:

  • Community first : Our first and most important value is to serve the dYdX Community

  • Best in Class : Aspiration to exceed expectations continuously, pushing boundaries in DAO operations, technological innovation, legal navigation, and governance excellence.

  • Compliance Forward : Proactive approach to legal and regulatory challenges, ensuring the dYdX Chain remains resilient and compliant.

  • Be Good : Commitment to ethical practices, prioritizing honesty, empathy, social responsibility, and inclusivity.

Main Priorities for 2024:

  • Focus on deploying and maintaining community-driven, robust infrastructure.

  • Enhance the chain’s capabilities through timely updates and strategic protocol upgrades.

  • Expand accessibility, user engagement, and awareness with the forthcoming deployment of the Android app.

  • Experiment with innovative solutions progressing the dYdX Ecosystem as a whole.

  • Increase communication with the community and increase transparency of the subDAO operations.

Stay tuned for more updates as we execute on these priorities and continue to support the infrastructure and growth of the dYdX ecosystem.

Your engagement is vital to our collective success.

The dYdX Ops subDAO