[DRC] dYdX Chain Protocol v4.1.0 Upgrade

TL;DR: (summary)

We would like to put up for consideration a software upgrade proposal to dYdX Chain Protocol v4.1.0. This upgrade aims to enhance user experience, particularly regarding conditional orders.


Hello dYdX Community,

We’re bringing to your attention the latest dYdX Chain software upgrade 4.1.0


Detailed information about the v4.1.0 features can be found in the (release notes). This upgrade includes state-breaking changes and requires a software upgrade governance proposal.

Key updates include:

  • Skip collateralization check for untriggered conditional orders: PR #1107
  • Deprecate the pessimistic add-to-order book collateralization check: PR #1377

Recommended Next Steps:

  1. Review, comment, and/or discuss this DRC.

  2. Monitor the dYdX Testnet Rollout of the v4.1.0 Software Upgrade

  3. After an official binary release, a community member with sufficient unstaked DYDX may consider submitting an on-chain proposal for the upgrade on Sunday, April 21st, 2024, around 9:00 UTC.*

  4. We suggest aiming for an upgrade block height around Thursday, April 25th, 2024 at 14:00 UTC.*

*These steps are recommendations only. The decision on whether and when to upgrade to v4.1.0 remains with the dYdX community. Please note, the timing may change depending on a successful dYdX testnet proposal and the official binary release.


Your active participation is key to the governance and continuous improvement of the dYdX platform. We look forward to your feedback and to advancing the dYdX Protocol together.

dYdX Operations SubDAO


We agree with the suggested timeline. Furthermore, we can assist in submitting the on-chain proposal and contribute additional deposits, if needed, to meet the minimum requirement.

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The dYdX Chain Protocol v4.1.0 has been marked as released.

However, we are observing some volatility in the latest block times, which makes having the upgrade vote passing on the same day as the target upgrade height risky.

Our recommendation is to have the vote out early next week, with target upgrade height around Monday, April 29th, 2024, at 16:00 UTC.

Using the last 100,000 blocks as an estimate, that would mean having the upgrade height set to block 14402888 - this may need to be adjusted in upcoming days, based on new block heights.


Hello dYdX Community,

We have submitted a proposal—don’t miss your chance to vote!

Thank you.


I forgot to mention the height; it has been updated to 14404200 , which is estimated to correspond to 1:00 PM ET on April 29.

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Thanks for submitting, @tak

Proposal #53 is currently in the deposit period, 1,600 DYDX is needed for this proposal to enter the voting period.

Given the block height volatility lately, 14404200 sounds good.

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