dYdX Protocol v3.0 Upgrade Proposal is LIVE!

Good Morning dYdX Community,

Following up on our previous update regarding the dYdX Chain Protocol v3.0 upgrade, we have some news to share. For reference, you can view our earlier comment here:

The dYdX Chain Protocol 3.0 upgrade proposal initiated by @kingnodes is now officially in the deposit window phase.

This is a crucial step towards our upgrade, and your participation is key.

Here’s what’s happening right now:

  • Deposit Window: We are currently in the 2-day deposit window for the proposal. This is the time to rally support and reach the deposit threshold of 10K DYDX tokens.

  • Next Step: The proposal will move to the voting phase if the deposit threshold is met within these 2 days.

We encourage every member of the dYdX community to get involved in this process. Whether it’s by contributing to the deposit or spreading the word, your efforts are invaluable in driving our protocol forward.

Thank you for your continued support and active participation in shaping the future of the dYdX Chain.

dYdX Operations SubDAO