dYdX Champions Expansion

dYdX Champions Expansion

In March of this year, the DEP announced the “IRL Champs” initiative, rewarding active traders and community members with sponsorships to attend premier industry conferences. As promised, we are now excited to unveil phase 2 of the Champs program—an expansion designed to reward the community on multiple levels and establish new community roles outside of just IRL events.

With this initiative we aim to appeal to every dYdX contributor, trader, and community member letting no great contribution go unnoticed!

dYdX Champions Tiers:

Events :mirror_ball:

  • Role: Event Champions will travel to industry-leading conferences, representing the dYdX community while creating content about their experiences.
  • Responsibilities: Attend events, network with industry leaders, and produce content such as event summaries, interviews, and live updates.

Content :calling:

  • Role: Content Champions will create unique and engaging content that highlights the activities and developments within the dYdX ecosystem.
  • Responsibilities: Develop tutorials, memes, examples, and other forms of content to educate and entertain the community.

Community :handshake:

  • Role: Community Champions will focus on geographically specific areas, cultivating community engagement and growth.
  • Responsibilities: Conduct market research, create and translate content in local languages, form partnerships, and host community events.


  • Background: A strong foundation in web3 and visible body of work.
  • Share experiences and learnings from events on our community platform.
  • Publish 2-4 UGC videos and threads tagging dYdX Grants and dYdX from the event, pre, during, and post.
  • Publish 2-4 LinkedIn posts tagging dYdX + dYdX Foundation from the event, pre, during, and post.


  • Funding: $250 - $3,000 per champion based on the tier and impact of their contributions.


  • Coverage: Flight, lodging, and food expenses for event-related travel.
  • Additional Perks: Access to exclusive events, workshops, or meet-and-greets during the conferences.
  • Tiny grants for content and smaller initiatives ($250 - 750).
  • Retroactive Impact based pay for work completed.
  • dYdX Merch “Champs Package”

Selection Criteria

  • Community Contribution: Active and notable community members who contribute significantly to forums, social media, or community projects.
  • Peer Nomination: Members nominated by their peers for contributions to the community.
  • Application: For those who are newer to the community and eager to show off their skills or would like to increase their engagement.

Apply with your ideas today! :point_right: Grants Application

NOTE: This initiative is subject to change, especially because of suggestions by you! We encourage the community to share ideas and nominate champions in the thread below :hedgehog:.


hey @mgg , there must be some results already, it’s interesting to see the content of those community members who have already participated in this program