New Initiative - dYdX Champions RFP

dYdX Champions – IRL Event Sponsorships

Hey all! We are excited to announce the “IRL Champions” sponsorship initiative, aimed at recognizing and rewarding exceptional individuals within our trading community. This initiative is designed to provide all-expenses-paid opportunities for outstanding community members to attend leading blockchain conferences worldwide. Through this program, dYdX Champions will foster a stronger, more engaged community, and increase dYdX’s visibility globally.


  1. Pilot launch and selection (March-April)
  2. First phase prizes and reporting (May)
  3. Phase 2 launch and forum nominations (June-TBD)

Perks include:

  • Merch
  • Exclusive shout-outs
  • Private champions groupchat with the team

Potential Events: (not exhaustive)

  • TOKEN 2049, Dubai
  • Coindesk Consensus, Austin
  • More to be added!


  • Active community member for at least 12 months with clear contributions. Active trading history preferred.
  • Share experiences and learnings from the event on our community platforms (Forum, X, LinkedIn)
  • Send 2-4 UGC video’s from the event, post event
  • Publish 2-4 threads tagging dYdX Grants and dYdX from the event, pre, during and post
  • Publish 2-4 Linkedin posts tagging dYdX + dYdX Foundation from the vent, pre during and post
  • Comply with the code of conduct during the event

‍Funding amount:

$1,000 - $2,000 USDC per event (based on distance and location)

View and apply to the RFP here: Discover initiatives

P.S We’d love to hear from you! What events should dYdX be represented at in 2024?


That’s really cool. Looking forward to seeing this program kicking off and supporting our very own dYdX Champs! :+1: :handshake:


If I understand fully this is in fact an initiative to get more community engagement, but also community marketing by top contributors / traders, right?


I have a serious question about this program.
How is it possible that dydx champions intitiative first published on dydxgrants website on 21st of March (although this date might not be 100% correct), the forum post was made on 28th of March

But someone already applied for token2049 on 16th of March according to dydxgrants dashboard.


Hey @RealVovochka - this initiative was first mentioned in our November update, we have now refined it and pushing the opportunity on more channels! All applications will be judged the same regardless of when they applied. Thanks.

Hey @LeonoorsCryptoman, this is our goal - top traders attending events and posting about their experiences!