dYdX Grants - Community Cauldron Report #1

Hello everyone!

We are thrilled to present the first report showcasing some exciting projects that have been successfully funded through the community cauldron, contributing to the growth of dYdX ecosystem. These initiatives have been carefully chosen for their unique contributions and impact to our ecosystem.

Below, we’ll explore some of the valuable projects completed through the cauldron.

:bar_chart: State of DYDX Finances Report by Considered.Finance

The Financial Intelligence Report, spearheaded by @0xCLR and the considered.finance team, is an initiative to provide valuable insights into the dYdX ecosystem’s financial performance. These comprehensive reports analyze the state of our community treasury, ongoing expenses, and protocol activity. The community can leverage the information to make informed decisions on the DAO’s treasury spending and longer term sustainability.

Reports can be found in the forum under Treasury

Funded amount: $1200 per report

:jp: Dedicated Workshop in Tokyo, Japan

A special workshop organized by @Murphy, an endorsed delegate based in Japan, successfully took place in Tokyo. With the support from the grants team and @Hisashi from the dYdX Foundation, the event brought together 55 people with the main goal of educating and encouraging more Japanese participants to engage in dYdX DAO’s governance.

Photos and videos of the event can be seen on the forum and grants channel in discord.

Funded amount: $2500

:kr: IBC Summit in Seoul co-organized by Keplr

dYdX CC funded an event in Seoul, the IBC Summit, co-organized in collaboration with Keplr and @boratheworld from chainapsis. This event focused on Cosmos-related technologies for developers and featured Hisashi from the foundation as one of the speakers. Hisashi shared updates on dYdX v4 and discussed opportunities to join the dYdX ecosystem with participants.

Hisashi’s presentation can be seen at Grants Youtube Channel

Funded amount: $2500

:ukraine: dYdX Presentation to a Conference in Ukraine

Mistral, an active community member, represented dYdX at the Crypto Ukraine Conference in Lviv. This conference, both online and offline, brought together 250 individuals, featuring 15 distinguished speakers. The grant provided sponsorship for the event as well as branding, logos, gifts, a marketing campaign and a dYdX dedicated presentation, elevating the event’s success.

Photos can be found on the grants channel in discord.

Funded amount: $2500

:portugal: Sponsorship for a Web3/DeFi Event in Lisbon

Community Cauldron sponsored EpicWeb3 for a DeFi event on July 5th, in Lisbon, Portugal aiming to attract more builders to the dYdX ecosystem. Two active community members and endorsed delegates, @AndyGG and @Ax07, were sponsored to attend the event as speakers, sharing their knowledge and promoting dYdX.

A recap from the event has been shared on the forum and grants channel, showcasing the active participation and representation.

Funded amounts: $2500 as a sponsorship, and an additional $600 for the two delegates."

:vietnam: Vietnamese dYdX Community by Bao Ngoc

Bao @dydxvietnam, a community member based in Vietnam, is leading the initiative to build a local dYdX community. With a dedicated channel, dYdX Vietnam Twitter presence, and media sponsorships, the project aims to foster engagement, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among Vietnamese individuals interested in dYdX.

Here are the Vietnamese dYdX social media accounts and the number of their followers collected over a period of two months:

Funded amount: $1600
Timeline: 2 months

:man_teacher: Webinar: Building Automated Trading Bots by Shaun McDonogh

In May, a live webinar was organized on the grants YouTube channel, focusing on “Building Automated Trading Bots.”

Shaun McDonogh, the Lead Developer at CryptoWizards.net, presented valuable insights to an audience of over 30 live participants. The webinar video has gathered over 1000 views, demonstrating its popularity and impact.

Free coupons of Shaun’s course DYDX Pairs Trading Bot Build in Python Running in the Cloud were shared with all the live participants.

For those who missed it, the video can be found here: Building Automated Trading Bots

The event was sponsored by CryptoWizards.net

Ongoing Project: :tr: A Comprehensive 4-Part Videocast Series in Turkish

Leading up to the Cosmoverse event in Istanbul, we funded a special video series in Turkish about the dYdX platform and ecosystem. This series, by Decentralized Future, will give Turkish-speaking audiences valuable insights into the dYdX ecosystem and future plans. The goal is to make the protocol more accessible and reach a wider audience.
The video series is currently in development, Doruk from dYdX foundation will be interviewed as part of the grant.

The discussion will focus on:

  • dYdX Chain’s technical approach for decentralization
  • Community driven DEX
  • Importance of localization for different markets
  • Point of failures of centralized crypto firms such as FTX, Thodex (Turkish local crypto exchange), Celcius and etc.

In November 2022, the Decentralized Future team, consisting of @docbass & @furkan, interviewed the CEO of dYdX foundation, @Charles, during İstanbul Blockchain Week.

The first video has been published (https://youtu.be/Hyt5qulJ-EE) having already more than 2000 views.

Funded amount: $2500


These projects funded through the community cauldron have had valuable impact and influence on the growth of our dYdX ecosystem.

The KPIs that have been met align with the defined categories/goals for the projects, which are:

:white_check_mark: International Growth

:white_check_mark: Community Engagement

:white_check_mark: Partnerships & Sponsorships Events

:white_check_mark: Marketing Content

:white_check_mark: Education

Each of the mentioned projects has contributed to these goals and successfully met the KPIs associated with them.

We are grateful for the dedication and passion of our community members and look forward to more exciting updates and projects in the future.

Thank you for your attention, and stay tuned for more updates!

Alexios Valonasis
dYdX Grants


Thank you @Alexios for the great recap! Very happy and honored to be part of the Community cauldron efforts together with @Murphy and @boratheworld !!


Thank you for your kind words and encouragement! As the Vietnam community manager for dYdX, I am thrilled to see such enthusiasm and engagement from all of you.

Rest assured, I am here and actively involved in the community. I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to each and every one of you for being a part of this journey to build a strong dYdX community in Vietnam.

Our collaboration is vital to the success of this initiative, and I am committed to working hand in hand with Bao and all of you to foster knowledge sharing, provide valuable insights, and create a welcoming space for anyone interested in dYdX.

If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to grow and improve our community presence.

Let’s keep the momentum going and make dYdX in Vietnam a resounding success!

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Hey, Bao @dydxvietnam , I have a question for you as a community member and as a candidate for the Grantor position. Why do you use fake followers to show the success of your grant?

Let me explain:
You have 1050+ members on Telegram, but only 13 users have ever written a message.
You have 700+ followers on Facebook with roughly the same number of likes. Most of these likes are from you using two personal accounts and the page account. It took me 10 minutes to check the metrics.

Why mislead everyone with fake metrics?

I understand that your community is small, and you’re doing the work of translating dydx social media. Keep at it, and you’ll attract real users, making you an excellent project ambassador. Nothing ruins a reputation like deception

So keep growing your community, make great content, and don’t waste your money and time on fake metrics.

Be real and honest and you’ll be well-received by people. Welcome to the dYdX community


this is shocking @dydxvietnam. impressed by @RealVovochka once again.

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