[dYdX presents - DAO Talk in Tokyo]

[dYdX presents - DAO Talk in Tokyo]
Hello, this is Murphy, a Japan-based delegate for dYdX. On June 16th, I had the privilege of organizing an event titled “DAO Talk in Tokyo” with the support of the dYdX Community Cauldron (a special thanks to Alexios). The goal of this event was to familiarize the Japanese audience with the transformative potential of DAOs and to boost Japanese participation in dYdX DAO’s governance. The event was divided into two main segments. First, a session where me and Hisashi from the dYdX Foundation explained the workings of dYdX. This was followed by a keynote panel featuring Leomaru | dYdX Foundation , ryota from Nagoya Blockchain, Tommy from Kawaii GirlNFT, and Crypto BBQ from Stepn. [Results] 55 attendees. My tweets garnering over 200K impressions and 10,000 engagements, with the announcement tweet alone reaching 140K impressions and attracting 8,300 engagements. [Observation] While I’m a trader by profession, I see the dYdX DAO as a platform for more than just trading. It’s a place where anyone should feel welcome to participate and express their views freely. In this vein, it’s crucial that we continually introduce new perspectives and values to the dYdX DAO. I believe that “DAO Talk in Tokyo” served as a step in this direction. In the real world, despite our desires for freedom, usefulness, and success, many of us often find ourselves unsure of the path forward, lacking a supportive community, or challenged by our geographical circumstances. However, in the virtual realm, barriers of race, location, age, appearance, and gender dissolve. Here, like-minded individuals can join forces through DAOs, overcoming hurdles collectively and carving out livelihoods. My hope is that more people discover fulfillment through such collaborative efforts. In my role with dYdX, an increasingly decentralized community, I am committed to spreading this message and illuminating its potential to help create a more equitable world. Below are a foto and video from the conference. Thank you for everything.
Best regards

[dYdX presents - DAO Talk in Tokyo]


Very impressed with the work, Murphy!

Here is a link to his report to the Discord channel: Discord
You can find more pictures and videos :slight_smile:


Congrats @Murphy and @Hisashi!

As a member of the grants team, I wanted to express our excitement about the successful “DAO Talk in Tokyo” event. We are grateful for your efforts in introducing the dYdX ecosystem to the Japanese audience and encouraging their participation in the governance of the dYdX DAO.

It’s fantastic that the event had 55 attendees, and Murphy’s tweet received a significant amount of engagement and views.
Talking about KPIs for this international as well as dedicated event, we can safely say that the audience size was more than acceptable, and while brand awareness can be difficult to measure, looking at the statistics of the tweets mentioned, we can come to the same conclusion.

I want also to highlight the excellent collaboration between the Community Cauldron project of our grants program and Hisashi from the foundation. From the initial discussion about the possibility of a grant, to its successful implementation, the cooperation has been outstanding.



Thanks, @Alexios - Collaborating with you and @Murphy has been an absolute delight.

I’m thrilled to share with the community about the fantastic initiatives like DAO Talk in Tokyo and the enthusiasm the Japanese people show towards dYdX.

I look forward to our continued collaboration as we move forward.


Great event and update Murphy :muscle:


Japan, I’m missing you. I’m glad to see the community working hard there.


Great effort, @Murphy :tada: The photo looks amazing as it’s showing great vibes from participants. The re-cap video is also great for summarizing the presentation and panel discussions with a full of hope and excitement in contributing to DAOs as a new way of living. Keep up the effort and cultivate the community in Japan :fire: