Ecosystem Development Program - AMAs Thread

DEP AMAs take place on Twitter/X and are one the best ways to interact with the grants team, share ideas, and learn about new initiatives.

Given the recent transition from dYdX Grants to the new Ecosystem Development Program we are aiming to gather more comprehensive feedback before and after the sessions, especially for those who can’t make it during the event.

Agendas will be posted here before each session.

Some ways to interact:

  • What recent grantee should join the session - what areas would you like to learn more?

  • What potential areas should be considered for funding and RFPs?

General feedback, ideas, and more are welcome!

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DEP AMA May Edition :loud_sound:

We are excited to announce the DEP AMA May Edition, happening on May 23rd at 3pm UTC. Join us for an informative session covering:

  • Introduction & Overview: Program updates and recent milestones.
  • Updates: Key announcements and media partnerships.
  • RFP Ideas: Community champions and potential projects.
  • Interview: Showcase of the current grantee’s work!
  • Community Q&A Session
  • Closing

Can’t make it to the live session? This forum post is dedicated to collecting your questions. Please drop any questions you have in the comments below, and we’ll make sure they are addressed during the AMA.

See you there! :hedgehog:

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