dYdX Grants Program - AMA Discussion

Hello dYdX Community!

The DGP recently tested an “AMA” style call on Twitter Spaces as a way to converse more intimately, not only between the broader community, but also between grantors and grantees.


Our first call was a success with nearly 100 people tuning in. The DGP grantors interviewed two current grantees (dYdX Merch and Chaos Labs), gathered feedback from the community, and discussed general updates.

The call is hosted by DGP community and strategic grantors and follows this agenda:

  • Introduction to call & agenda
  • General updates
  • AMA with grantee #1
  • AMA with grantee #2 (or other format)
  • Open Q&A


This post is to create an active channel for the continuation and coordination of these events. We ecourage grators, grantees (past and present), and community members to ask questions, propose ideas, and more. We hope this will be an active topic that will encourage more participation in the monthly AMAs.

Thoughts, Questions, & Ideas

  • Are there other styles of conversation that would prove effective in addition to the grantee AMA?
  • What are some key discussion topics for the December/January call?
  • What are some grants or RFPs that the community would like to see?

Looking forward to a dynamic conversation here. We will also post updates about the next call coming soon! :slight_smile:


Love to see this! thank you. Could we maybe have it scheduled on a predictable cadence? (bi-weekly or monthly). That way we can get even more people on it.

If possible, I would ask that we also have a thread for the grants monthly update here on the forum, that way there is a venue to ask/discuss about grants.

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Thanks @luisqa! We do intend to host them monthly, which can vary based on the final approval batch within that month. We will work to get a clearer calendar out for this!

Yeah totally agree on the monthly report; will address this.

Let’s find a time to meet!

Hey everybody. Happy holidays and new year from the dYdX Grants Team!

In order to help us accommodate our global community for the next Grants AMA we have created this scheduling link: dYdX Grants AMA January - When2meet

If you can take a moment to fill this out it will help us find the best date & time–will do our best to find something for everyone :slight_smile: