Introducing Numia: Elevating Data Analytics for the dYdX v4 Ecosystem

Hi dYdX Community,

At Numia, we’re priviliged to unveil our pioneering initiatives designed for the dYdX v4 ecosystem. Our dedication to advancing the Web3 space with sophisticated data solutions lies at the core of our mission. As a leading data & development platform within the Cosmos ecosystem, we provide essential infrastructure to build, monitor, and scale projects. Our services are trusted by premier development teams and Appchain communities, including Osmosis, Celestia, Stride, Quasar, and others.

Our Team:

  • Rafael Aviles - Co-founder, bringing a wealth of experience in data science and business development from his tenure at Interchain and Builders Program to Numia.

  • Marc Hoefll - Co-founder & CTO, a seasoned entrepreneur rooted in the Y Combinator and Cosmos ecosystem.

  • Davut Dayan - Head of Product, who blends his research expertise with practical experience in software development.

  • Marko Bariceviv & Aleksander Bezobchuk (Bez) - Co-founder - the backbone of our software engineering efforts, and the the architects behind our robust infrastructure.

  • Marc Leuthardt - Head of DevOps - underpinning our infrastructure’s resilience and assuring its efficient operation.

  • Onur Akpolat - Co-Founder - pivotal to our standard of excellence.

  • Lucas García De Viedma & Alvaro García – Data scientists by profession, bridging the gap between raw on-chain data and pristine data sources for apps and analytics.

Our Solution:
We provide a one stop shop for everything related to Appchain data and analytics.

Indexing Pipeline:
Our products and services are powered by a state-of-the-art data indexing pipeline. This proprietary engine allows our modified nodes to participate in Cosmos SDK networks, replicating, parsing, and ingesting each block, event, and transaction into our public database in near real-time. Specifically for dYdX, we’re excited to operate and provide:

  • Near-Real-Time Data Indexing: Our indexers ensure comprehensive coverage, capturing every transaction on the dYdX network.
  • CheckTx Stage Indexing: In response to the dYdX Research team, this indexer monitors transactions within the mempool for preemptive insights.

Numia Database:
For data hosting, we utilize Google BigQuery, a leading cloud-based big data analytics service known for processing vast read-only data sets efficiently.

Access Layer: SQL & Lenses

  1. SQL: BigQuery’s straightforward SQL interface, alongside integrations with Google Sheets and Google Data Studio, offers robust tools for data querying and visualization. We have also recently made v4 mainnet data available on BigQuery. You can access this data right now. For further details, visit our Twitter update.
  2. Lenses: Beyond providing indexed on-chain data via SQL, we’re developing dashboards for real-time monitoring and interactive data analytics utilized by numerous core teams. Our insights are pivotal in informing decisions for product and business development strategies. Additionally, thanks to the dYdX grant program, we are expanding our public research and analytics platform, Lenses, to encompass the dYdX v4 network. This platform equips both the broader community and professional analysts with tools to dissect and understand the dynamic conditions of the network, product, and business model thoroughly. Some impressions below:

Time of Arrival:
Eager to share our progress and incorporate community feedback, we will release the Lenses v3 beta this week. Over the next five weeks, we will be introducing more widgets and insights, leading up to the final release by the end of the year.

Pioneering the Future:
Our collaboration with the dYdX Foundation and grants program has enabled us to tailor a suite of metrics that will serve as the groundwork for our public dashboards. These metrics are not static; they are the foundation for a versatile and evolving analytics platform that will adapt to the community’s needs.

Explore More About Us:
For an in-depth look at our vision, expertise, and project details, we invite you to explore the resources below and follow our social media channels:

At Numia, we are not just building tools; we are fostering a community where data becomes a beacon for collaboration and growth. Your questions and insights are invaluable to us, as they will play a critical role in refining our solutions.

We are looking forward to your research, insights and feedback


We would like to take the opportunity to express our gratitude for your exceptional work to date. We eagerly anticipate the final platform’s unveiling. We specifically look forward to a comprehensive breakdown of trading statistics for the major assets traded within the dYdX chain. We hope to see detailed information on independent pairs such as isolated deposits, trading volume, open interests, and liquidations.

This level of detail would match that of Centralized Exchanges (CEXes), with the added benefits of on-chain transparency and accountability.

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