Lava Network - initial feedback on ipRPC proposal

Hey all, I’m Fede from Lava Network

Lava is building the open standard for blockchain RPC & APIs, by directly connecting RPC providers and consumers with a crypto-economic framework that ensures a high standard of service, reliability and accuracy.

Our most exciting project right now is Incentivized Public RPC. ipRPC will alllow the dYdX community to seamlessly aggregate, load balance traffic and pay RPC providers based on quality of service. dYdX node runners and beyond can add their nodes and become more engaged, while helping onboard developers. ipRPC makes managing your most critical infrastructure simple by coordinating your community - so developers love building on dYdX.
At a high level, our proposal is to launch and fund an incentivized public RPC pool that will be used to pay RPC providers, and ensure they’re giving quality service. We’ll aggregate dYdX RPC providers into a single endpoint, and provide monitoring tools so that the community and team can track the supply & quality of dYdX public infra, and optimize it accordingly. Lastly, RPC is just the beginning, archive data and advanced APIs can also be added as a public good.

We are currently implementing ipRPC on Evmos & Axelar, and I’m posting this here to get the conversation going and hear your initial feedback prior to drafting an official proposal. For reference you can check out our recent proposal on Axelar, which had the highest DAO turnout this year (!!), with 99% of the community voting yes.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts & feedback, feel free to hit me up on Discord as well (@sumacrypto)!

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