Retroactive Funding

Hey everyone,

Retroactive funding is a critical part to providing valued contributions with fair rewards for their work. This can also be a great way for contributors to test an idea and see how it pans out–sometimes this justifies monetary support from the DGP.

The dYdX Grants Program encourages discussions related to retroactive funding, and are setting this up to highlight retroactive grants and to seek feedback.

Looking forward to a productive conversation!


Highlight #1

Smart Stake Analytics

This retroactive grant to the Smart Stake validator team is for integrating the dYdX Chain into their Smart Stake Analytics dashboard ( The dashboard returns comprehensive chain data for dYdX v4 that isn’t seen on most other existing dashboards including address-specific staking data (pending undelegations, rich list), aggregated and node-specific performance data, and a host of additional features. The grant covers the one-time infrastructure setup costs for the dashboard, as well as maintenance costs for one year.

Smart Stake’s dashboards have been used by sophisticated chain sleuths, validators, and retail traders alike to inform their investment and delegation decisions. By exposing essential dYdX data in an easily digestible format for all users, the Smart Stake dashboard will help foster a more educated dYdX userbase.

SmartStake is an exceptionally commendable project, and I fully support the retroactive grant awarded to them.
However, I am puzzled as to why the dYdX Grants Program has funded a multitude of dashboards, some of which appear to have limited practical utility and whose functionalities significantly overlap