STBP next steps

Thanks to all the community members who voted in the STBP Council elections! We even saw some last-minute Sybil activity.

I would have been a bit disappointed if that wouldn’t have happened! :smiley:

The three council members are, in alphabetical order:

Please send me your Telegram usernames via DM so that I can make a group for us.

We’re looking for one more multisig member. The position will be compensated with $200 worth of tokens per month and requires signing from time to time after carefully checking transactions.

We would extend this position to the other candidates first. Maybe @Aishwary, @CodeKnight, @sam, @AbdullahUmar or @Sixty would be interested? First come, first serve.

We’re preparing the on-chain poll that will ratify the STBP and the council members in the meantime and will create the multisig as soon as we have the fifth member.


Hey @rspa happy to sign up for the multisig, I would love to work on this initiative in any capacity, I’m a big fan of the StableLab team and I look forward to see how you guys will run this program for dYdX.

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Hey Sixty! Perfect. Your address seems to have no transactions to it, so I can’t add it to the msig. Can you please fund it with a few dYdX and make one or two transactions? Thank you.

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Done!! dYdX v3 user here, officially converted to dYdX chain now :rocket:

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