STBP Council of Experts Election

The STBP Request for Applicants attracted a total of eight high-caliber candidates for the Council of Experts. This Forum post will constitute the election, which will run until Friday 2100 UTC.

The three candidates with the most votes will become eligible for the Council, which will then need to ne ratified via an on-chain poll, together with the grants program itself.

We are beyond excited to present the candidates to the community. At the end of the post you will find a forum poll, where you can select as many candidates as you want, with one vote going to each selected. This is called Approval Voting and has been shown to be one of the most inclusive voting systems.

As mentioned before accounts created after Mar 3, 2024 will not count during the voting process to prevent Sybil attacks.

So, without further ado, we present to you, in alphabetical order:

  1. Aishwary
    Short Pitch: Through my extensive experience in finance and Web3, derivatives as a platform is something I’ve deep expertise in. I’ve also helped similar protocols like SynFutures and Gains and hence this is something I have a good understanding.
    Link to Application
  2. Abdullah Umar (Arana Digital)
    Short Pitch: Arana Digital’s experience with facilitating governance for numerous DeFi protocols, its members’ background in critically analyzing projects on the investment side, and Abdullah’s experience as a consultant for dydx, makes us ideal candidates to help facilitate this grant program.
    Link to Application
  3. Brian Adam (Sixty)
    Short Pitch: I am committed to promoting the growth of the dYdX ecosystem through the foundational principles of Integrity, Decentralized Governance, Transparency, and Long-Term Sustainability.
    Link to Application
  4. CodeKnight
    Short Pitch: I will leverage my skills and experience as a delegate for both MakerDAO and TrueFi to ensure grant proposals provide accountability and a strong value add to dYdX, while aiding applicants in properly developing their proposals to fit the needs of the protocol.
    Link to Application
  5. Daniel Hwang
    Short Pitch: I respect the DyDx ecosystem for taking such proactive and serious steps towards decentralization of the network and its governance process and would love to contribute my experience in PoS protocol management, governance, and ecosystem development to the continued maturation of the ecosystem.
    Link to Application
  6. Leonoor’s Cryptoman
    Short Pitch: “Empowering through governance, validating for integrity, shaping tomorrow’s trust with every keystroke.”
    Link to Application
  7. RealVovochka (Vladimir Zhdanovich)
    Short Pitch: Let’s harness the power of community efforts to propel the dydx protocol to new all-time highs, embodying the truth that unity is strength, and together, we achieve the extraordinary
    Link to Application
  8. Sam
    Short Pitch: dYdX has the opportunity to become the largest derivatives exchange in the world, and I believe that applying what I have learned by building Blockworks Research and leading dydx coverage I can help make it happen.
    Link to Application

Asking all community members to vote on the poll below, until next Friday 2024-03-22 2100 UTC. May the best candidates win.

  • Aishwary
  • Abdullah Umar (Arana Digital)
  • Brian Adam (Sixty)
  • CodeKnight
  • Daniel Wang
  • Leonoor’s Cryptoman
  • RealVovochka (Vladimir Zhdanovich)
  • Sam
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Hey @rspa , looks like you used the wrong short pitch for me :smile:

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Well spotted. Fixed it. Thanks!

I think all potential councils can have a gentlemen agreement not to vote for themselves


Hello everyone!

I just wanted to pop in and say thank you for the opportunity to apply for the STBP council. Excited to see this group get to work!

Also voted for myself just in case, but feel free to ignore that when tallying totals :slight_smile:


Short reminder that accounts created after 2024-03-03 will not be counted as valid votes.

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Poll is now closed. We’ll count eligible votes soon.

And the winners are:
@RealVovochka with 9 votes
@LeonoorsCryptoman with 6 votes and
@dan-kintsugi with 4 votes

Please stay tuned for next steps!
Thanks to everyone for applying.