[DIP] dYdX Short-Term Boost Program (STBP)

After successfully selecting three amazing council members, we want to put the STBP to an on-chain vote.


If approved the poll will:

  • Ratify the council of experts, previously selected via a forum poll.
  • Execute two transactions (two separate messages):
    • MsgSendFromModuleToAccount 313,042.39 $DYDX from the community treasury at dydx15ztc7xy42tn2ukkc0qjthkucw9ac63pgp70urn to the grants multisig at dydx1a5m88d8ac29rt4jtxadjlx23l7rwlj6sgpezyd
    • MsgSendFromModuleToAccount 65,730.00 $DYDX from the community treasury at dydx15ztc7xy42tn2ukkc0qjthkucw9ac63pgp70urn to our operational multisig at dydx1tr3cec66rrr9jkctz3qcmzawpk6ktj6jck8ds4

The grants multisig has a three of five signer requirement and is managed by:

The operational multisig is a two of two multisig and managed by:

We kindly ask the members of the grants multisig to confirm that the address is correct and that they are members of the multisig.

The corresponding DIP can be found here:

The relevant discussion to this topic are:
[DRC] dYdX Short-Term Boost Program (STBP) - Proposals
STBP Council of Experts Election - Governance/DAO Discussions

Link to on-chain poll here:
DYDX Proposal 48 - Mintscan


Locked, loaded and reporting for duty!


I can confirm that the information above is correct and that I am a member of grants multisig


Confirming my participation as part of the STBP multisig, and I can confirm my address is correct. LFG!! :rocket:


We (Crypto Learning Club) are in favor of actively supporting the development of mechanisms that assist teams and users who contribute to the dYdX ecosystem.

We believe this is the proper use of the treasury pool as a DAO.


I’m here and verifying!

This proposal is sadly not going to make it.
To many oppossing validators (with no to little justification of the vote sadly, so quite hard to understand why).


Well, you had the founder chime in and say he doesn’t like it so that basically put a nail in the coffin right there. He’s in love with how Reverie runs things, so yeah, good luck with anything competing against them.

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Since this didn’t pass with almost unanimous no votes, we want to thank the council members @dan-kintsugi, @LeonoorsCryptoman, and @RealVovochka for sharing this journey with us.

StableLab is currently re-evaluating it’s approach to the dYdX ecosystem,
We fully believe in the future and prospects of this protocol, but we currently experience an unusually high amount of inbound demand for our services.

Given that many of those are paid opportunities we will have to evaluate our priorities and commitments carefully and will update the dYdX community as soon as we have made a decision on how to proceed.


Many many thanks for spearheading this initiative!
It was fun to be part of this journey leading to the proposal and who knows what the future will bring!