Validator Introduction -

Hello dYdX community,

Please allow me to introduce you to, one of the leading enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure providers in South-East-Asia.

  • Entity name & Location:, Singapore
  • Infrastructure location: Mostly Singapore, with backups across Asia
  • Type of hardware & region: Mostly cloud-based across various datacenters in Asia
  • Team: Two dedicated DevSecOps engineers with more than 10 years of experience. Various additional support DevOps & blockchain engineers available on a per-needs basis provided by Persistence Labs.
  • Years of experience: Running validators since 2019
  • Best Practices: Very comprehensive monitoring & alerting systems, laser focus on secure key management, and active communication are the 3 main things we’ll never compromise on.
  • Voting Framework: We use to track all governance proposals and vote internally. Discussions take place in case of different opinions. We choose to abstain when we can’t reach consensus internally.
  • Additional roles: We can run IBC-relayers, RPCs, etc
  • Other contributions to ecosystems: has been a genesis validator for the Cosmos hub as well as for various of other networks. is also the main infrastructure provider for the Persistence ecosystem. It provides deep proof-of-stake expertise, infrastructure such as relayers, RPCs, and even indexers. has also made significant contributions in creating scalable testing solutions for cosmos-chain upgrades.
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