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Cheers, dYdX community, we are thrilled about the next stage of dYdX, hope we can participant in the Testing network

Entity name and location

We’re Bit Digital Lab, headquartered in Singapore with a global team.

Infrastructure location

Our physical infrastructure is based in a Tier III IDC in Singapore.

What kind of hardware do you run? Baremetal, cloud-based…? In what geographic regions?

We utilize cloud-based services across various regions. Our primary location is Singapore, with a backup in Tokyo, Japan.

Technical make-up of team (elaborate on no. of dev ops engineers, experience, etc.)

  • Head of Infrastructure with over a decade of experience
  • One Backend Developer with 5+ years of experience
  • Two DevOps with 5+ years of experience each

Years of experience

All team member has been in the crypto space for at least 3 years, some member has been in crypto space since 2018

What other networks are you running validators for?

We’re running validators for a variety of networks. Ethereum is our primary focus, but we also manage validators for Bitcoin Lightning node, Cosmos, Aptos, and Opside. we are also running DVT technology on Ethereum network, such as Obol(mainnet) and SSV(testnet). Additionally, we’re actively involved in Ethereum ZK-rollup Prover Networks. We’re proud to securely manage over 20M assets on validators.

Based on your participation in any previous testnets, mainnets, are there any best practices to be aware of? What are some things that made previous testnets, mainnet launches successful and/or things to avoid that have gone poorly?

  • Thorough Testing: Conduct unit, integration, and stress tests before launch to identify and resolve potential issues.
  • Clear Communication: Establish dedicated channels for updates and discussions to ensure clear and timely communication between the validators and protocol team
  • Governance and Community Involvement: Establish a robust governance structure that promotes stakeholder involvement in decision-making. Simultaneously, maintain active community engagement through incentivized testnets to cultivate a collaborative atmosphere and solicit valuable feedback.
  • Avoid Hasty Deployments: Prevent unforeseen complications by avoiding hasty network deployments.
  • Predictable Core Team Behavior: Ensure the core team behaves predictably to maintain trust and stability.

Do you have a validator voting framework and process?

Yes, we do. We’ve established a structured voting framework. Our team gathers biweekly to review and discuss each voting matter. Decisions are made by our dedicated Voting and Governance committee and are properly documented for transparency.

Are you planning to play any additional roles in the dYdX ecosystem (e.g. market maker, trader, indexer, front-end, other)?

Absolutely, we’re not just planning to validate. We’re looking to expand our roles within the dYdX ecosystem, particularly in market making and active participation in DAO governance. We believe in the potential of dYdX and are excited to contribute to its growth and success

Are there other products or services you want to highlight that could be relevant for dYdX?

We’re ready to contribute to dYdX in a variety of ways. On the technical side, we can provide data analytics, monitoring tools, RPC, and more. We’re also prepared to promote dYdX through our media channels and articles. We’re committed to meeting the needs of the community and are always ready to find ways to provide value.

Any notable contributions in other ecosystems that you would like to highlight for the community?

Bit Digital Lab holds a distinctive market position, being a subsidiary by Bit-Digital, a company listed under Nasdaq. This unique relationship equips us to offer valuable insights from a regulatory perspective.

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Hi guys, a little more intro from our team.
Bit Digital Lab is a subsidiary of Bit-Digital, a sustainability-focused Generator of Digital Asset, one of the few mining companies that expanded into Staking and Validating.
Please view more of our info at
Please also feel free to contact us at