Validator Introduction: STC Capital

Greetings dYdX community!

I’m Edward from STC Capital, a blockchain infrastructure and marketing company based in Vietnam. We are excited to participate in securing and supporting the growth of dYdX.

Our validators leverage a combination of bare metal servers hosted in Tier 3, ISO certified data centers operated by Viettel IDC and CMC. We run sentry nodes on cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Alibaba for additional redundancy.

Our technical team consists of experienced DevOps engineers and infrastructure managers, each with 5+ years of expertise in blockchain and crypto.
We have operated validators across major PoS ecosystems since 2021, starting with Persistence One.

Currently, we validate the following networks: Persistence One, Agoric, AssetMantle One, Celestia, Dymension, Juno, Uptick, and Hypersign.
Participating in testnets and mainnet launches taught us the importance of thorough testing, clear documentation, and open communication with validators.

Based on our experience, some best practices we recommend are:

  • Thoroughly testing functionality like state syncs, snapshots, upgrades, governance proposals, etc. on testnets before mainnet launch.
  • Having clear documentation and validators guides for smooth operations.
  • Leaving ample time between testnet and mainnet to fix any issues.
  • Maintaining continuous communication between validators and developers during upgrades or incidents.

Regarding governance, we have procedures for carefully evaluating each proposal, assessing risks and benefits, and determining alignment with the project’s goals.
Our team discusses perspectives to make informed decisions in the community’s best interest. We communicate our rationales with delegators and remain transparent about our voting.

In addition to operating a secure and reliable validator node, we are exploring providing supplemental services like operating indexers, contributing open-source tools, and helping with documentation.
Our team would happily collaborate on initiatives that improve developer experience and user adoption.

We have ideas to build some tools that could be useful for dYdX, including:

  • A monitoring tool that helps validators track node performance metrics across different networks.
  • An automated proposal review bot that evaluates governance proposals and summarizes analysis.
  • Some of our notable contributions to other ecosystems include:
    +Creating informational guides on staking and utilizing wallets securely for Persistence ecosystem.
  • Being active contributors in discussions across Discord channels and GitHub.

We are committed to not just validating dYdX transactions, but also helping build the community, improve infrastructure, and support new users.

We believe our experience can add value in areas beyond just running a validator node.

Contact Info/Socials

  • Website:
  • Twitter: @capitalstc
  • Telegram: @Beribey
  • Email (support/community):
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