Validator Introduction - MCBnode

Hello dYdX team and community,

MCB node, works as a validator for 3 years especially with the projects under the Cosmos ecosystem. Considering the team having the experience of years, MCB is a very preferred and compatible one when it comes to eligibility. We are currently validating approximately 15 different mainnet chains as well as about 20 testnets with %99 uptime, backed by modern structured monitoring services in help of the many tools that are customary.

Entity name and Location: MCBnode, Istanbul/Turkey
Infrastructure location: Europe and North America servers. In addition, the backups are kept in Turkey.
Type of hardware we run: Bare metal and dedicated servers (min 32 cores 128 RAM 2TB NVMe SSD)
Team: Consists of people that are specified expertise on validation and governance while also being in this industry for several years.
Years of experience: Validating since 2020.
Best Practices: suitable monitoring & alerting systems, high secure key management and extra backup-data in our side (cold and offline)
Voting Framework: When there is an ongoing proposal, each team member looks out for the further details that are needed to get a better view of the proposal in question. After the time provided for the team to think through and come up with some ideas as well as arguments supporting them, we come together and have discussions internally for every proposal. The discussions go as long as we come up with the same decision whether to vote for or against the proposal.
Additional roles: We have been running IBC-Relayers (10+) , API,RPC,GRPC, Websocket , explorer. We have been translating the articles about the projects into Turkish.
Other contributions to ecosystems: We have contributed to many cosmos mainnet projects as a genesis validator. We also provide snapshot and state_sync support , API , RPC , GRPC , explorer. We constantly test and work on repositories of Cosmos mainnet Projects. ( )

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