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Hello y’all, Gürkan(known as Floki :slight_smile: ) from Testnetrun here.

Entity name and location

Testnetrun - Türkiye

Infrastructure location

It is difficult to specify a single location, but mostly France, Germany, Poland, Australia.

What kind of hardware do you run? Baremetal, cloud-based…? In what geographic regions?

Baremetals (Germany, france, poland) - Homebrewed workstation (sweden).

Technical make-up of team & Years of experience

2 devops / Linux - We have great teammates who are experts in distributed systems with more than 20 years of experience and have been producing solutions for 3 years. We recently strengthened our team with 1 front-end (4 years of experience) and backend dev (5 years of experience in rust development) to contribute to ecosystems.

Github accounts:

Organization: Testnetrun · GitHub

Dev - members:

What other networks are you running validators for?

validating more 10+ chains including Casper and Cosmos ecosystem; Axelar, Evmos, Kyve etc…

Based on your participation in any previous testnets, mainnets, are there any best practices to be aware of? What are some things that made previous testnets, mainnet launches successful and/or things to avoid that have gone poorly?

Coordination between validators is extremely important, dates for critical updates etc. should be discussed in advance.

Do you have a validator voting framework and process?

The voting period for an on-chain proposal starts;

  • The proposal is discussed internally within the team.

  • The type of proposal is important, e.g. if it is a proposal to fund a project (e.g. community-spend), the question is whether the project really needs this funding.

  • What the community and other validators think is taken into account, then the process continues.

  • The option we will vote on is evaluated, if the majority of the team is in favor of an option, we vote for it, if not, we abstain.

Are you planning to play any additional roles in the dYdX ecosystem (e.g. market maker, trader, indexer, front-end, other)?

With the dedication that comes with working with many projects, we will strive to bring dydx to our community members on our local channels.

We have developed many tools to meet the needs, mostly we are working on tools to improve the validator experience. We will be happy to be involved in any need-based work for DyDx.

This question may be related to the next question, so you can also look at the answer to the other question.

Are there other products or services you want to highlight that could be relevant for dYdX?

We currently have an explorer in development for all cosmos-sdk based chains (it can work for chains built on tendermint but not using cosmos-sdk, but it offers limited services), the backend and UI are handled completely separately, and the backend can be used mainly as an indexer. So, we are keen to be an infrastructure provider for the Dydx devs and community.

Our explorer: (still under development)

Any notable contributions in other ecosystems that you would like to highlight for the community?

We have a lot of work for the community that we can highlight, basically we are involved in the earliest stages of projects and publish a lot of content about the projects from their testnet on our channels with more than 10k community members; videos, articles, etc. We have created local social media channels for many of the projects we volunteered to work on and played a big role in their promotion (We have supported more than 20 Web3 projects locally.), and we continue to do so

Not only that, but for some projects we helped to organize special events in our region (conferences at universities, hosting some of the project team members, etc.).

On a more technical note:

For Axelar (a cross-chain bridge) we created a custom interface and an indexer where EVM poll stats and validator heartbeats can be monitored.

Ex) Polls - Explorer

Our explorer: (still under development & supporting in more than 10 chains…)

Tool to monitor and report the vote status of validators (also monitors and reports chain maintainers satus), also used in Axelar official discord channel: GitHub - testnetrunn/axelar-voter: Validator EVM votes alert and stats tool.

Governance notification: GitHub - testnetrunn/cosmos-governance: Governance proposals notification/alert bot for Cosmos-based chains

Alerting and stats tool for price oracles: GitHub - testnetrunn/oracle-status: Threshold warning application for validators running Oracle.

Monitoring and visualization tool for validator which running price oracles: GitHub - testnetrunn/misscheck: Application to get missing price counters from cosmos chains. With visualization

TestnetRun Social Media Channels:

Website :
Link3 : testnetrun |
Telegram : Telegram: Contact @testnetrun
P.S: We are managing all our Testnet projects TR channels. For Exp: Evmos,Bitcountry,Aleo etc.
Twitter :
Medium :
Youtube : TestNetRun - YouTube


:+1: Hello Gürkan. Super. Have a good day.


Hi 0xcFloki, Super. Thanks.


Hello Gürkan (Floki). Looking nice!


It would be great to see the Testnetrun team, which makes every contribution to the cosmos ecosystem, as a validator.

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Good to see you here !

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Hello Gürkan. Thx sir, its great. i hope we see testnetrun team soon!

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