Wallet drained on multiple chains after raising a ticket in this forum

Hi everyone, after placing a comment in this forum in regards to unstaking from the DYDX saftey pool, I was contacted in the forum and via email that I used to register here with a responce ticket, I followed the directions of the '“dev”" on the other side of the ticket and after connecting my Metamask wallet it started switching between chains and draining funds. My main wallet got drained across meltable chains. After disconnecting I checked the different wallets that the funds got drained to and some were over 1.5 million in value
there is probably nothing that can be done about this and I will rebuild over time but just thought I would mention it as I may save one of you from getting scammed the same way, all the best and say safe




I got an e-mail from notifications@dydx.discoursemail.com this e-mail adress this morning looking like it is a message from a dydx mod. Maybe it is something similar to yours.


Hi @Jason,

I’m truly sorry to hear about this distressing incident. It’s a stark reminder that we must remain vigilant against malicious actors in the community. Remember, official admins or moderators will never reach out first for sensitive operations, nor ask for private information like login credentials or private keys.

For trustworthy support, always:

  • use our ONLY and OFFICIAL helpdesk at Help Center
  • or reach out on our OFFICIAL Discord at dYdX

Please follow these safety tips:

  1. Official support will never initiate private contact for assistance.
  2. We will never request private information.
  3. Always be cautious with links and verify their authenticity.

If you come across any suspicious behavior, please use the forum’s flag feature to report it.

Stay safe, and don’t hesitate to reach out on the official channels for help.


Hey @Jason. Could you write me a DM with a details of the hack here or in twitter at tobyfrei4. I might help with the identification of the hackers. I can’t make any promises, but the amount is substantial. I think it’s worth a shot to try and track them down.


that looks familiar, I think any msg that comes through the forum also gets sent to our email addresses

Hi Stan, thanks for taking the time to reply, the hack happened by connecting my wallet to [HIDDEN LINK] which seems official, the wallet started draining after the dYDX agent asked for my wallet to be connected to the site so he can unstake my tokens from the saftey pool node. I have screenshots of the conversation and TXID’s from my wallets, im still not sure how it all happened as it all seemed official

Hi @RealVovochka,

Thanks for reaching out, I will DM you today with all the details, any help is greatly apricated,

thanks heaps


Hi @Jason ,

Thank you for sharing more details, and I’m genuinely sorry to hear about the breach. I’ve hidden the link you provided to ensure the community’s safety. It’s a critical reminder to verify websites thoroughly before engaging with them.

The official dYdX helpdesk link is always accessible directly through the https://dydx.trade/ website by navigating to ‘More’ > ‘Help’

Please always compare the URL with the one provided on our official website to ensure its legitimacy.

Our support team will never reach out to users first, requesting a wallet connection or private information, and will never ask you to interact with unverified contracts or links.

I encourage you to share the screenshots and transaction IDs with the proper authorities, and if there’s any support we can offer, please reach out through our official help channels.