Beginner seeking help

Hi there guys. Ive recently started trading and had a couple trades open on dydx and a small balance on the platform. Just logged in and since the migration to dydx chain I can no longer see my trades, trade history or any balance on my account.

When I click to confrim changing to the new dydx account its asking me to deposit from metamask and appears like I have zero balance.

Anyone experienced something similar or an I missing something obvious? Any help much appreciated. Thanks


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Hi Rich,

Thank you for joining us and sharing your concern!

It sounds like you’re experiencing issues due to the transition from dYdX V3 to V4. Please note that positions and balances from V3 do not automatically migrate to V4. This might be why you’re not seeing your previous trades and balance on the new dYdX Chain.

For a clearer understanding and step-by-step guidance, I recommend visiting our help page. There, you’ll find detailed information on how to manage your account during this transition. Additionally, if you need more personalized assistance, please take advantage of the chat support option available at the bottom right corner of our help page

One crucial reminder: always keep your private keys and sensitive account information secure. Remember, our team will never ask for your private key or other sensitive personal details.