Wrong number of "Portfolio Value"

I am trading on V3 and meet an issue. The Portfolio Value displayed on the web platform differs from the values obtained through the API. Upon reviewing the entire trade history, I noticed that some assets are missing, and the numbers don’t match. Furthermore, after some time, the API itself starts return incorrect numbers.

What could I do? Seems live chat is not working.


Can you post examples? I’m using V4 testnet and what you write is quite scary, if true.


Hi @wavi,

Thank you for reaching out with your concern. I want to clarify that the forum is tailored for discussions around dYdX governance and ecosystem topics, and we limit support-related questions here to keep the focus on broader discussions.

For issues with V3, our dedicated helpdesk for V3 is the best place to get support:

If you’re experiencing issues with V4, you should direct those inquiries to the V4 helpdesk here:

Additionally, our Discord community is a great place to seek help from fellow users and the dYdX team:


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I do have the trade history data. However, posting the data will expose my trading strategy. The reason I discovered this is because I added a deposit to a rounded number before placing the orders. The sum of the order results can be easily checked by comparing it to the deposited collateral.