Alleged breach of the trust deed

First, I’d like to thank all the community leaders that have chimed in here. It is unfortunate that the state of the discussion is seen as ‘toxic’ and unconstructive.

In my personal opinion, @Alexios did breach the trust agreement by signing off on a disbursement from the DGP grants multisig wallet to CryptoHondos, to which he is affiliated, and he should have disclosed the conflict of interest, and abstained from the signing process. This is regardless of the fact that the grant to CryptoHondos was approved in DGP v1 - the disclosure should still have been made to the trustees and the enforcer, and the trustees could have worked together to get this over the line without having Alexios involvement in disbursements to CryptoHondos.

Nonetheless, as @dgog has pointed out, Alexios has been impactful in driving growth efforts and his involvement in funding community cauldron initiatives. These findings do not discount his impact, and I thank him for his contributions.

Moving forward, I’d suggest for the new trustees deliberate and appoint a new Grantor through a process that the enforcer reviews. Looking forward to having the other trustees chime in, and I hope that the community emerges from this saga holding the values of transparency and accountability to a higher regard.