dYdX Community Issues

Hi all Ive been using dydx exchange since late 2021 and I wantedI drop in / connect with dydx community now that I see the move away from eth and I’m very lost hehe anyway… getting to the right place was a.nightmare so I wanted to document my concerns & and offer suggestions and here people’s thoughts or even their experiences

  1. dydx.trade - I’m currently logged into my v4 account trading and so the idea to find community enters my brain so I search for social links :link: and there is 0 references to it when you’re logged in and not many tabs in general

  2. dydx.exchange - I sign out visit exchange domain and switch back to V3 because I remember it being more detailed with more tabs. While I’m logged in there is still no reference to community or socials but i click governance tab which sends me to dydx.community

  3. dydx.community- I’m redirecting here and look around and see a discord logo. I click the logo and a page pops up “discord invite link had expired

I’m now 0/3 on 3 different TLD domains and I’m surprised I got this far and still not giving up

  1. dydx.forum & X (formerly twitter) - At this point I’ve giving up on dydx having their shit together on websites so i head to twitter and the top link is dydx.fourm so now I feel successful but I see this and literally very few topics and 0 about trading and all unrelated to community it’s mostly all operations and developer related but this site does have an “other” tab so I view it
    and see someonesay discord in the other sub so now i look for discord links on this site but 0 references…sad.

0/4 on random dydx domains & at this point I want to KMS

  1. dydx.foundation - I go back to the X so see if I missed a link tree or something to socials but there is nothing but I see the foundation link and try my luck and finally on this website there is a discord logo with a working invite link

IT Should not be this hard people lol VERY PAINFUL to got to 5 websites , 6 if you count X just to track down a discord link and also this domain switching and confusion makes me think I’m about to get scammed with some random dydx fishing copy at any moment :skull:

I’m not rich and have 0 sway here but I know dYdX has funds so why don’t the rich people here propose spending money on a custom top level domain? Initial cost is $200K and about $20k annually after that

essentially a custom domain can be safer and everything will be dot dYDX


whatever you want but at least I know if it’s dot dydx its official and not a wallet drainer while i hop around 6 domains just to find a discord invite link

Consider if a necessary for safety with all the changes and millions of nonupdated confusing domains but also consider it marketing. I see $SHIB applied for and paid for web2 .dot shib for their community and new chain but again the.biggest issue all updates millions of domains with not a single website referencing the list of all official and unofficial links. It could also be great for the subdaos, devs or community whatever.

Hopefully this message was helpful in someway. Would love to hear other people’s experience / thoughts on my suggestion/ / any trade or community places to talk trade that I should join


Hi @969,

Really appreciate you sharing your journey in navigating our platforms. We’ve got room to improve in making our community more accessible. Your suggestion for a unified domain is insightful and something worth considering.

Sorry for the hassle you faced. Your feedback is crucial and I’ll make sure it reaches the right people.

Also, since it’s the holiday season, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Thanks for sharing!

Such feedback is for any protocol very valuable.

@Stan is there a location which is easily accessible for users to provide feedback in general?
I guess it would be good to have on any domain operated by dYdX to have such a tab visible.

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I don’t exactly know if this is the right place to post but I have an RPC error when I use the V4 Python library on mainnet. Is there any things I have missed ?

thanks for helping

Hi @inrezc,

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