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Bristol Blockchain Society

Key Info

Endorsed Delegate’s address: 0x43D3938Ebd74106e2d177f9A304C1E9f914f2b52 | bristolblockchain.eth
Commonwealth name (if any): BristolBlockchain
Discord ID (if any) : rroojrooj#5708
Twitter handle (if any): @Bris_Blockchain
Email (optional):
External website (optional):

Endorsed Delegate’s voting power (includes voting power from DYDX/stkDYDX held and voting power received from delegation): 204
Endorsed Delegate’s proposing power (includes proposing power from DYDX/stkDYDX held and proposing power received from delegation): 2,250,000.00

Endorsed Delegates Code of Conduct

BristolBlockchain was onboarded on 20/3/23 and abides by the Code of Conduct.

Why do you want to be an Endorsed Delegate and why should DYDX/stkDYDX holders delegate to you?

Bristol Blockchain Society, founded in November 2022, is a non-profit organization based at the University of Bristol, a top 5 UK research university. We have around 50 active members from various academic backgrounds, including computer science, law, economics, engineering, and PhD students. We have two primary arms: Education and Governance. As one of the few active UK blockchain societies, we are dedicated to contributing to the blockchain space and promoting education in the field.

We are currently involved in the governance of AAVE and are passionate about participating in the governance of other projects, like dYdX. Our vision for the future of the dYdX protocol and its governance includes improving various aspects of the protocol, raising viewpoints from underrepresented groups, and actively participating in the decision-making process.

How will you connect with and contribute to the dYdX community and governance?

We plan to advance the dYdX community and governance by:

  1. Regularly engaging in discussions, debates, and sharing our views on the protocol and its governance.
  2. Actively participating in the proposal and voting process.
  3. Connecting with community members through various channels, including social media, Discord, and in-person events.
  4. Leveraging our diverse academic backgrounds and skill sets to contribute to the growth and development of the dYdX protocol and its governance.
  5. Organizing educational events, workshops, and seminars with the dYdX team for our members at the University of Bristol.

[Additional Information]

Bristol Blockchain Society is a non-profit organization with no membership fees, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for all interested students. Our primary motivation is not monetary gain but rather contributing positively to the blockchain ecosystem and promoting education, transparency, and fair governance. We are dedicated to making well-informed decisions in the best interest of the dYdX protocol and its community.

Demonstrating our commitment to fostering collaboration within the industry, we recently organized a successful event in partnership with Coinbase. This marked the first UK university collaboration for Coinbase, and it attracted over 75 attendees, creating a valuable opportunity for students to engage with and learn from industry professionals.

I confirm that the information above is accurate and up to date as of the start of the current epoch and I will immediately update this Profile and Pitch in the event of a material change.

I have read and agree to abide by the Endorsed Delegates Code of Conduct.

I have completed and scored 8/10 on the Endorsed Delegate Self Assessment. Please find my Self Assessment linked here: BBS - dYdX - Endorsed Delegate Assessment Criteria.docx

BBS - dYdX - Endorsed Delegates - Profile and Pitch Template

Should the dYdX Community Transition from Commonwealth to Discourse?

Vote Result: For


We vote for this proposal because:

  1. Improved user experience: Transitioning to Discourse would provide a more user-friendly and engaging platform for our community members to participate in discussions, ensuring a better overall experience.
  2. Enhanced community participation: Discourse has demonstrated success in fostering active participation in other DAOs, such as Aave. By adopting this platform, we anticipate increased engagement from the dYdX community in the governance process.
  3. Streamlined governance process: The integration of Discourse with existing governance tools like snapshot voting and proposal submission systems would allow for a more seamless and efficient governance experience for community members.
  4. Adaptability and continuous improvement: The proposed transition includes monitoring and iterating the new Discourse forum based on community feedback, ensuring that the platform remains effective and continues to serve the needs of our community.
  5. Preservation of historical discussions: The migration of existing discussions and proposals from Commonwealth to Discourse would maintain the continuity and history of our governance activities, which is essential for transparency and informed decision-making.

Relevant Links (to comments):

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V3 StarkEx Contract Data Availability Bug

Vote Result: For


  1. Ensuring platform integrity and security: Addressing this bug is critical for maintaining the trust of dYdX users and the broader community, as it eliminates a potential vulnerability in the platform’s code.
  2. Preventing potential fund retrieval issues: By fixing this bug, we can avoid the potential issue of users being unable to retrieve their funds in the unlikely event of a doomsday scenario where both dYdX and StarkWare are unable to provide assistance.
  3. Mitigating risks of malicious exploitation: Although the bug is only triggered in specific circumstances, it is crucial to address the issue to prevent any possibility of malicious exploitation that could result in significant negative consequences for the platform and its users.
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@BristolBlockchain showing the way through their regular community updates on votes rationales.
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