[bug report] Onboarding problem


Just took the opportunity to buy some more dydx, and am in the process of onboarding onto the chain via bridge.dydx.trade when I’ve noticed a bug:

If you try to connect a wallet which has already done onboarding before AND you select ‘send to another dydx address’ straight away, the ‘confirm you own this wallet’ validation fails repeatedly. If you debug the webpage it fails with this callstack:

Object Object Error: No matching key. keychain: <snip>
    at ib.get (index.es-9f5489c7.js:1:65636)
    at sb.getSymKey (index.es-9f5489c7.js:1:68477)
    at sb.decode (index.es-9f5489c7.js:1:67695)
    at EventEmitter$1.<anonymous> (index.es-9f5489c7.js:1:137035)
    at EventEmitter$1.tt [as emit] (index-35ff36dd.js:2274:123957)
    at mb.onMessageEvent (index.es-9f5489c7.js:1:87677)
    at async mb.onProviderPayload (index.es-9f5489c7.js:1:87524)

In order to successfully bridge you have to accept the generated wallet address from the Ethereum wallet and only then after the wallet is fully connected and verified can you successfully select ‘send to another dydx address’.

Cordillament, Tresgard.