DYDX x EtherDrops (DropsTab) partnership


My name is Jay, BD at EtherDrops (DropsTab). It is a Telegram bot designed to monitor on-chain activity, such as swaps, coins prices, liquidity pools, wallets tx and much more. Close to 600k users onboard.

We`re eager to offer you a partnership opportunity, whereby we could track long/short/liquidated positions at DYDX. We have already realised the same idea for GMX, you can check this Yahoo article.

Would be great to cooperate on this matter. A mutually beneficial partnership. Our users would be introduced to DYDX (also we could discuss referral cooperation), for your users it is really a simplicity of monitoring activity of preferred addresses at DYDX with real-time alerts.

You can read more about EtherDrops here.

Thank you :+1: