StableLab's involvement in dYdX

Authors: @rspa
Date: Jan 9, 2024


StableLab aims to actively participate in dYdX governance and bring its expertise in scaling DAOs sustainably to the premier decentralized perp exchange. We will work on governance research new markets and pitch in with lessons on user retention we learned from participating in 20+ DAOs.

We are actively seeking additional dYdX stakers for our validator. By staking with us, you enjoy a relatively low commission and support our mission to elevate the protocol’s governance. We commit to publishing voting rationales, quarterly recaps, and outlooks to keep the community informed. Join us in shaping the future of dYdX!

Who we are

StableLab is a research and development firm specializing in governance operations and analytics. We contribute to over 20 protocols and ecosystems with exceptional diligence and participation metrics. Our partners include Arbitrum, Optimism, Aave, Uniswap, 1inch, Balancer, Element Finance, InstaDapp, Lido, and MakerDAO.

StableLab has participated in every poll on every proposal for all the ecosystems we cover and provides explanations on every vote as long as we are active there. We participate in the entire governance process, from initial discussions, proposal creation, and feedback rounds to on- or off-chain polls.

In addition to ensuring well-informed decisions, we also take the initiative to author proposals whenever possible. Our primary focus is on growth opportunities while minimizing unnecessary expenses.

We were among the foremost delegates responsible for the recent Arbitrum Short-Term Incentives Program (STIP). We’re a leading contributor and delegate in Aave, SafeDAO, and Uniswap, deeply integrated into Optimism and MakerDAO governance. In addition, we’re working with 1Inch to design their governance framework, spearhead major initiatives in Uniswap, and are vital members of SafeDAO grants operations and more.

Notable achievements:

  • DAI collateral onboarding, Jet protocol - October 2022
  • Compound Grants Program 2.0 with Questbook - December 2022
  • HOP Ambassador - March to October 2023
  • AAVE Governance Process Improvements - March 2023
  • MakerDAO Growth AVC with Flipside - April to July 2023
  • Uniswap Accountability Committee - April 2023
  • AAVE Orbit Program Participant - May 2023, ongoing
  • SafeDAO Grants Program - September 2023
  • Arbitrum STIP - September 2023

Why we are here

dYdX, the premier decentralized perpetual futures exchange, caught our attention long ago. Building on the report on delegation in dYdX v4 that I wrote for Flipside Governance, we decided to double down on this unique opportunity in the protocol’s history.

dYdX’s commitment to decentralization and community empowerment resonates deeply with us. We aim to ensure the most successful transition possible.

What you can expect from us

We are committed to voting on every proposal and sharing our rationales in a dedicated forum thread. Our main focus will be on conducting thorough governance research. We have already submitted a grant proposal with Anthias Labs to ignite discussions on designing a tailor-made governance system for v4.

In addition, we will propose measures to enhance user acquisition and retention and actively participate in discussions about new markets.

Work we did for our partners

Stake with StableLab

We have spun up our very own dYdX validator to help us fund our activity and set a benchmark for governance participation.

We’re looking for stakers to help us reach the active set. So far, we have about 40k $dYdX committed to us, so we would need about another 40k to reach the active set.

Stake with us to boost governance on v4 and help us help the community.