Validator Intro - PrithviDevs

Greetings!! Fam DyDx. This is Sai Krishna, founder of PrithviDevs, operating from India. Before validators, we were builders’ first, aka developers in the blockchain space, with a full stack team with 10+ years of experience in building enterprise applications and 5+ years in building blockchain applications, which include App chains and dApps across multiple networks and have grown to become one of the most trusted and reliable validators in the space.

We started PrithviDevs with the purpose of

  • How can we use our expertise to onboard/help new projects launch their network
  • And also build the products that will give both {PrithviDevs- Network} more value proposition.

To align with our principles, we developed two products for eco-system


  • One-stop destination to track all your validators across multiple networks.
  • Notification alerts in each network about missing blocks and gov proposals.
  • Currently supporting near to 10 networks.

Collab: Interchain NFT Hybrid Hub

  • Interchain Discovery of NFTs
  • APIs for Developers
  • Bulk Purchase across networks
  • Easy UI/UX and One stop for Interchain NFTs
  • Currently, one network is integrated and planning to add multiple NFT networks/chains.

Coming up in relations with DyDx, I met Karan a few months back, and we did a Twitter space about the Appchain thesis and discussed moving to the Cosmos ecosystem.

Our team was part of the recent visit by Charlesdhaussy to Hyderabad, India and an active participator in conversation about what is coming next from DyDx and how we can contribute to it. Overall our team had a great experience meeting all fellow Validators/Cosmonauts from India.

As a validator with a track record of successful validation and an established reputation for being a trustworthy and reliable validator partner, we are excited to contribute to the growth and success of DyDx as we embark on this journey together.