Validator introduction - is an independent professional validator and decentralized infrastructure provider with infrastructure located in EU(NL,DE,FI) and US,CA.

Baremetal servers and architecture, technology stack: mostly AMD Ryzen 9 5950x, 128RAM, 7Tb NVME, 1-10Gbit+ network.

The team has experience in running validator nodes since May 2020 and already participated in 80+ networks:

Current mainnets:
Solana - Bocachica Approved, Foundation Delegated, Liquid Staking Delegated
Velas - Foundation Delegated
Everscale - Magister Ludi, Depool contest and RustCup winner

Omniflix- Genesis Mainnet Validator
Persistence AssetMantle- Genesis Mainnet and Community Validator
Nym Gateway+Requester service - NYM team selected grantee
Tgrade - Genesis Mainnet Validator
Passage - Genesis Mainnet Validator
Rebus - Genesis Mainnet Validator
Nois - Genesis Mainnet Validator
Aura - Genesis Mainnet Validator
Uptick - Genesis Mainnet Validator
Gitopia - Genesis Mainnet Validator

For successful start of the chains the following is recommended:

  • Clearly set launch timeline and try to schedule launches at times when the majority of validators can participate, mostly at GMT 12-16hrs .
  • Mention if the wasm cache reset is necessary, where it is located, and provide with the link to actual precompiled binary for linux/amd64 in Github releases section.

As for voting, before casting our votes, we take great care to stay informed about all governance proposals. Our approach includes actively participating in external discussions with the community. We uphold a commitment to impartiality in our governance participation and ensure that our voting decisions are not influenced by any financial interests. Instead, our votes are driven by a robust ethical framework.

And, of course, we intend to use the dYdX platform for decentralized trading, providing necessary endpoints or relayers.

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