ValidatorSet required when running a non-validating node

I’m trying to run a non-validating dydx node on mainnet and I kept getting this error

validator set is empty after InitGenesis, please ensure at least one validator is initialized with a delegation greater than or equal to the DefaultPowerReduction ({824644215040})

According to the instructions, I should use a genesis.json that doesn’t have any validator set, are there any guidelines on how to properly configure this?

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probably related to this Ensure InitGenesis returns with non-empty validator set · Issue #8961 · cosmos/cosmos-sdk · GitHub

I don’t see any validator list on the default genesis.json file so I was wondering if there are any pre-existing genesis.json specifically for dydx?

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Hey, @areyesonl
Are you using this guide: Running a full node · dYdX · v4
Bear in mind that we intend to update it soon.
And if you do need the genesis file, please make sure you use this one:

I’m using that guide and that genesis.json but I keep getting the error.

That genesis.json doesn’t have any validator set in any of the modules.

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The validator list is part of the gen_tx section.

Nor sure why you need the validators, though - I believe the seed nodes and a snapshot should be enough.

Ok that worked. it’s taking some time to run though

6:15PM INF service stop impl={"Logger":{"Logger":{}}} module=p2p msg={} peer={"id":"c124ce0b508e8b9ed1c5b6957f362225659b5343","ip":"","port":26656}
6:15PM ERR Stopping peer for error err=EOF module=p2p peer={"Data":{},"Logger":{"Logger":{}}}
6:15PM INF service stop impl={"Data":{},"Logger":{"Logger":{}}} module=p2p msg={} peer={"id":"c12

is that normal?

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yes, if you are syncing from genesis block, and not from a snapshot.

If you rely on a snapshot, it should be faster I believe.

Make sure you extract the snapshot to the data folder of your DYDXHOME