Forum Update: New Guidelines and Features!

:wave: Hi dYdX Community,

We’ve recently updated our community guidelines and introduced new forum features, following valuable suggestions from you all. These updates aim to enhance our forum’s safety and user experience.

Key updates include:

Revised Community Guidelines:

We’ve integrated points from our previous discussion on forum safety and value.

This includes guidance on where to seek product support, as product-related support queries fall outside the forum’s scope.

Check out the updated guidelines here.

Enhanced User Experience:

The forum now sports a new layout with dYdX’s font, integrations for reactions and GIFs, a table of contents for topics, and verified badges for key participants and staff to combat impersonation.

Oprah Hand Outs GIF

Improved Content Quality:

We’ve implemented tighter restrictions for Trust Level 0 users to reduce spam and low-value content. Advancement to Trust Level 1 is now required for posting.

We’re excited for you to experience these changes and would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

Thanks for being part of this journey.



The new look for the forum is really well handled as the left bar you’ve introduced is really a great improvement. However, I have to admit that I liked using the “light theme” and its removal to align with the dYdX’s font has removed that ability to select our prefered theme on the parameter’s tab. Despite the new design looking good, we should still allow users to switch to white themes if they have a preference for it. Just a suggestion to reintroduce that option.


Hi @Govmos,

I really appreciate your feedback on the new forum design and the note about theme selection. We understand the importance of personal preference in user experience.

Rest assured, we’re looking into reintroducing the option for users to select their preferred theme, very soon.

Thanks for your patience and for sharing your thoughts!


@Stan Is there a way we can reach out to the persons who have been handling this reshape in the forum UI ? We find it so good that we would like them to participate in proposing similar upgrades to the Cosmos Hub forum. Afterall, Cosmos is all about sharing a cooperating and this would be a perfect example!


Hi @Govmos

Thank you for the feedback, I handled the rebranding and integration of various components and plugins on the forum, I could provide suggestions or help if needed.



That’s great job. I’m waiting for answers on the Hub’s side to figure out who’s in charge. Then the idea is connect both sides if you agree with that. We’ll let you know as soon as we have an answer!

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It really looks amazing!

Thank you for the effort. If there’s one tiny little thing we have noticed that could be improved it’s that the difference between

BOLD TEXT and normal text

is hard to notice.

I love the ToC… super handy for longer proposals. And GIFs!


@Govmos great to hear, feel free to message me on telegram @standYdX.

Hi @rspa,

Thank you for the feedback, it is very much appreciated.
That’s a good observation, unfortunately, since Discourse does not have a large selection of fonts, we are currently using Google Fonts to allow the official dYdX font on the forum.

It is a CSS component that converts in real time the native forum font, due to that, it doesn’t properly recognize the body font weight.

We are currently working on a solution and it will be added soon with a couple of other improvements.



Thanks for letting me peek behind the curtain. Stellar work you’re doing here.

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Feedback from a very new user who experienced this new trust level post block: I signed up wanting to post as a brand new dydx user and found it very bizarre that the post button was not even visible anywhere in the UI.

I nearly gave up completely (close to leaving the forum) because there was no signposting or indication that this trust level was a requirement in order to post; I just assumed the forum was broken.

It was only through a guess that I might need to follow the built in tutorial, and then still wait a further day after that point that I finally figured it out. I imagine people les patient that me would have given up completely.

Really its a signposting issue - new sign ups should be explicitly told about the trust level rule, and perhaps the ‘new post’ button could be greyed out in the UI rather than being invisible?

Cordialement, Tresgard.

Hi @tresgard ,

Thanks for your feedback. We’ve recently implemented trust-level restrictions to tackle spam, bad actors and ensure quality.

New users start at Trust Level 0, allowing replies and likes but not topic creation or direct messaging. To reach Trust Level 1 and gain full posting abilities, engagement through likes and comments is required.

Your point about clearer guidance for newcomers is well taken, and we plan to introduce more direct information about trust levels and how to advance. This should help demystify the process for everyone.