Forum Update: New Look and Features #2

:wave: Hi dYdX Community,

We’re happy to announce some new updates to our forum! Here’s what’s new:

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New Forum Theme and UI Enhancements

Updated Design:

We’ve updated the forum with dYdX branding, round shapes, and better color matching.

Improved User Profiles:

You can now view users in a new view. Check out the new user view here.

Reader Mode:

This mode emphasizes the written content by fading other UI elements into the background.

GraphViz Integration:

Now you can include detailed graphs in your posts using the DOT language. Learn more about GraphViz integration.

Theme Switching:

If you prefer the previous theme, you can switch back by clicking the brush button in the bottom left corner and selecting “dYdX Theme (old).”

Understanding Trust Levels

Here’s a quick overview of our trust levels to clear up any confusion:

Trust Level 0:

New users begin at Trust Level 0, which allows liking and commenting but restricts topic creation and private messaging to avoid spam and bad actors.

Trust Level 1:

After spending some time engaging with the forum, users are automatically promoted to Trust Level 1, allowing them to create new topics.

Advancing through trust levels unlocks more features and reduces restrictions.

We hope you enjoy these updates! Please share your feedback and suggestions with us.

Thanks for being part of the dYdX community!


Hello dYdX Community,

Based on recent feedback, we have decided to keep the original theme as the default, with the option to select the new one called (dYdX Theme 2) from the selection menu below.

We aim to continuously improve and maintain this space as a valuable and safe place for governance and ecosystem discussions. We highly value your opinions and feedback on these recent changes and our approach. Please fill out the poll below and, importantly, leave your comments with detailed feedback and suggestions.

  • I prefer the previous theme
  • I prefer the new theme
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  • I am satisfied with the forum’s look and usability
  • I am NOT satisfied with the forum’s look and usability
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Thank you for your continuous support!

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