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Entity name and location

CryptoCrew Validators is a reputable Austrian-based blockchain infrastructure provider, validator, and IBC relayer, committed to upholding the highest standards of transparency, integrity, and security.

Infrastructure location & architecture

To ensure the highest possible safety of your staked assets, we utilize bare-metal servers in partnering Tier-4 data centers distributed around the world.

Node location dYdX-Validator (mainnet): JPN 🇯🇵
Node location dYdX-Validator (testnet): JPN 🇯🇵


Our team of professionals combines years of industry expertise to develop and manage blockchain infrastructure with precision. We have a thorough understanding of blockchain architecture and systems security, optimized through strategic DevOps practices.

  • Clemens Scarpatetti : CEO, CTO - DevOps Lead, Strategic Lead
  • Christian Russ : CEO, CFO - Head of Finances, HR
  • Sonja Gstaettner : CMO - Management, Marketing, Design
  • Paul Leonhard : Blockchain Engineer
  • Simon Rose : DevOps Engineer
  • André Kerschhaggl : Relations
  • q.prjct : Governance Lead, Community Support

What other networks are you running validators for?

In the past year, CryptoCrew Validators has been instrumental in securing over $30 million in staked assets delegated on more than 35 Interchain networks: Cosmoshub, Osmosis, Injective, Kujira, Celestia, Terra2, Secret Network, Axelar, Juno, Band Protocol, Gravity Bridge, Evmos and many more!

Best Practices:

  • Maximum Security: All keys are stored on remote key management systems (Horcrux) or on hardware key modules. We use high-tech intrusion detection and prevention systems & encrypted connections.
  • Governance Voting: Each proposal is carefully reviewed by our team. After reaching consensus with our community, a rationale is created to support the decision.
  • Community Participation: Active engagement with communities and contributions to the wider ecosystem are very important to us. Our team members are active on the official dYdX communication channels like the Forum or Discord, please don’t hesitate to DM us or tag us at any time! :slight_smile:
  • Communications & Support: We are committed to ensuring ongoing and clear communication with all stakeholders about project progress, maintenance or alterations to our systems. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out! Our professional support team is happy to help you:

Lessons Learned – Things to Avoid:

  • Underestimating the importance of stakeholder feedback, which is crucial for the refinement and sustainable success. The ability to progress from critique is one of the most important properties of a decentralized community.

Validator voting framework and process?

Our team analyzes the potential impact, benefits, and risks associated with every proposal, as well as the overall sentiment within the community.

We publish rationales about every governance decision to IPFS and include the link in the vote transaction memo. You can also find our rationales on Keplr Wallet, and on Reddit: r/cryptocrewvalidators

Are there other products or services you want to highlight that could be relevant for dYdX?

As one of the most active IBC relayers we are looking forward to integrating dYdX chain with the wider IBC ecosystem. As Cosmos DeFi is flourishing, there are many potential new protocols and use cases to explore as a utility for the DYDX token!


Agoric, Akash, Axelar, Band Protocol, Bitsong, Canto, Celestia, Chihuahua, Comdex, Composable, Cosmoshub, Crescent, Cronos, Crypto-Org, dYdX, E-Money, Empowerchain, Evmos, Gravity Bridge, Injective, Juno, Kava, Kujira, Lum Network, Mars Protocol, Migaloo, Neutron, Noble, Nolus, Odin Protocol, Omniflix, Osmosis, Persistence, Quasar, Quicksilver, Secret Network, Stargaze, Stride, Teritori, Terra2, Vidulum, Wormhole …

Node Infrastructure Services:

  • Daily Node Snapshot (location: JPN :jp:)
  • Daily State Export
  • Seed Node
  • Live Peers
  • Genesis File & Addressbook File

Hosted Node Provider:

RPC - REST-API - gRPC - gRPC-web - gRPC-ui

Our hosted bare-metal nodes provide maximum performance and security. We offer customized infrastructure solutions tailored to your needs. Please consult our website our reach out to us for more information!


We feature in-depth exploration and analysis of blockchain technology which we’re presenting in detailed content on our blog, as well as on collaborator platforms and various social media channels.

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