Validator Introduction -

Hi team, We are “”.
Thank you for this opportunity and introduce ourselves according to your format.

Entity name and location
Our moniker is “”,
We are active in Tokyo, Japan.

Infrastructure location
The node location is Tokyo, Japan too.

What kind of hardware do you run? Baremetal, cloud-based…? In what geographic regions?
Main Validator nodes are baremetal with Priv_keys stored in Ledger Nano.

Technical make-up of team (elaborate on no. of dev ops engineers, experience, etc.)
We have been operating Linux server infrastructure for over 30years and will be joined by two web engineers.

Years of experience
It has been a year and a half since we started the validator node operation.

What other networks are you running validators for?
Non Active: Evmos, Quicksilver, Omniflix

Based on your participation in any previous testnets, mainnets, are there any best practices to be aware of? What are some things that made previous testnets, mainnet launches successful and/or things to avoid that have gone poorly?
We believe that the most important thing is not to stop the network. To do this, do not overlook information about program updates.
We believe it is important to perform the upgrade immediately after the planed block height.

Do you have a validator voting framework and process?
Once a proposal is drafted, we translate it into Japanese and announce it to the delegator.
We believe that the delegator should be able to use it as a reference, and that the final vote should be decided by each delegators.

Are you planning to play any additional roles in the dYdX ecosystem (e.g. market maker, trader, indexer, front-end, other)?
For now, we are only considering Validator node operation.

Are there other products or services you want to highlight that could be relevant for dYdX?
None at the moment.
But We would like to consider whether we can make a unique contribution that only we can make.

Any notable contributions in other ecosystems that you would like to highlight for the community?
We proactively provide users with the correct information to handle crypto assets securely.
We operate a Community of about 1,000 participants who interested in the Cosmos Ecosystem.

We are very much looking forward to operating the dYdX validator node and we would like to contribute to decentralization.

Thank you.